Thursday, March 05, 2009

Babies, Cleaning, Snow, and PARTY!

I'm an aunt! Well, I've been an aunt for 3 1/2 years, but what I mean is:
My SIL had her baby yesterday! They (my brother and his wife) had another beautiful baby boy. This makes two boys for them, two boys for my sister, and two boys for me!

And considering these boys are the only 1st cousins my kids have, is it any wonder my girls are begging for me to have another girl?

Anyway, I'm really excited for them! I just wish I was there so I could hold him. ~sigh~
I've hit a huge spring cleaning/purging/nesting instinct kick. Yesterday, after cleaning the main stuff and paying bills, I did laundry (well, most of it) and organized the bathroom (who knew lotion could start to smell so bad??). Today, I'm organizing the hall closets (game shelf and toiletries storage) and the boys' room (going through clothes and cleaning out from under the beds and dresser). Tomorrow, it will be the girls' room.
If I keep going (and go fairly slowly), I'm sure I'll finally have this house organized (and completely unpacked from our move a year ago!?) by the time the baby is born.
Wish me luck.
It snowed last night.
I'm so sick of winter, I could SCREAM. I think the snow is one of the reasons I'm in a grumpy mood. So, I'm going to shower and try really hard to be happy, regardless of snow. Because the sun is shining, there is blue sky, and my house is getting organized. And I'm an aunt again! What more could a person need, eh?
I want to have another Blogging Party Thingy-ma-jingy. Maybe in a few weeks...maybe in April.
What do you think? Would you come if it worked out for you?
And what would be better? Pick one of each:
*Girl's only
*Moms and Kids
*Saturday afternoon/evening
*Friday night

Let me know what you prefer and I'll try to put something together in the next month or so. And just FYI, this is going to be open to anybody who would like to meet other bloggers or...just me! Unless you are psycho. Or a stalker. Or a killer. Because I don't allow creepy psycho-stalker-killers at my blogging parties. It just ruins it for me.


flip flop mama said...

Yay for productivity but boo on the snow!

Congrats Auntie!

Annette Lyon said...

If I can make it, I'd love to do a bloggy get together (girls only, I'd vote for). But the next month or so will be a bit nuts for me, so just schedule it and I'll see if I can come!

Anonymous said...

It snowed here this morning too. Very briefly, but still.

I wish you could come do your nesting thing at my house.

Obviously, I can't come to your blogging party thingy-ma-jingy, but I would still vote girls only. My husband would have no interest in coming to a party with a bunch of people he didn't know, and without my husband there, who's going to watch the kids?

Julie P said...

I'm totally up for a blog party and have no preference - just tell me when and where!

Julie said...

Well, I'm up for a party. While I LOVE girls only, it's kinda hard for me to work that out since it's a bit of a drive for I'd choose a weekday where I could just come with the kids while Dad is at work. j
But a girls only is awesome, too, and I'd try to make it happen.

I'm excited for wildcard tonight.

Amber said...

Ahhh, I wish I was in Utah so I could come to your fete! And how is it you have received snow and we have nothin'?? It's been 60+ degrees for two weeks (yesterday was 75 degrees...unbelievable).

Alison Wonderland said...

I'm with Julie, while I love to go kidless whenever I can it does get a little hard to work out. But then a lot of kids could be a problem space wise. Whatever, just let me know (as if you're not going to post about it) and I'll be there if I possibly can.