Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So Much Going On...

...praying for our cousins who are trying to adopt their Ethiopian son.

...figuring out the dates for #1's baptism in May.

...not knowing when Brandon will be going back to England.

...hoping Brandon is accepted into school next month.

...getting the van registered (and do I need safety and emissions this year?!).

...accompanying a young girl in my ward --she asked last minute if I would accompany her for her violin recital. Just FYI: Violin accompaniment = Hard. Always does. And this piece is no different! Why did I say yes?!

...needing to find a big-boy bed for #4, who has recently learned to climb out of his crib successfully.

...writing thank you notes to all those people who helped me when I was sick; and making #2 write her thank you notes for the gifts she received on her birthday.

...cleaning the house (as usual).

...planning something awesome for my 30th birthday next week!!

...loving the new season of The Amazing Race and wishing, once again, that I was on the show.

...sighing with relief at my renewed energy, but wishing it was full strength (this pregnancy is making me tired! But I'm not sick. So no complaints!).

What are you doing? Planning? Hoping for?


Julie said...

I've never watched the Amazing Race. Have you tried out for it?

I've never had a kid climb out of a crib -- I'm confident that if Brig were still in one, he'd lay there till I came to get him.

Busy with Chloe's birthday today. She requested a pizza cake. It's going to be really cute.

Annette Lyon said...

Your list made my tired. Phew!

I'm living in limbo until the end of the week. I'll deal with all the chaos coming after that (I refuse to think too hard about my to do list for next week--because I'm enjoying every minute I have with my parents in the country right now!!!

Cheryl said...

You've never seen Amazing Race?!?! What is this!?
You have to watch it. At least an episode or two...
No, I've never tried out for it --you have to commit to at least 30 days away from home, you have to have a partner, and I'm a pansy. :) But I still would love it! Traveling the world, competing for a million bucks? And the only way to get eliminated is to be last. No drama (well, there's lots of that), and no vote-offs. If you're last, you're out (except on non-elimination rounds). I love it!

Happy Birthday to Chloe!

I'm so happy your parents are here! Have fun with them (the lists can wait!).

Amanda D said...

I've never seen Amazing Race either, but it doesn't really interest me. I try to avoid "reality" tv except for Biggest Loser. I love it!

I hope Brandon stays in town for awhile.

As for us, I'm starting to plan birthday parties but am dreading spending the money. I've also agreed to make wedding invites for my sister and I'm wondering if that was mistake!

Michelle Walker said...

Going to have Thai food at 6:30.

Cheryl said...

If you love the Biggest loser, you will love the Amazing Race! I promise. It's not like other reality shows --in fact, there's less to be mad about than in The Biggest Loser!
Good luck with the invitations --you'll have to show me what they look like when you're done (and man, you are gonna be busy!).

What a coinkidink! Me, too! :)

Cardalls said...

My good friend is coming into town this weekend so we will have some fun bonding time...which means she is staying with me...which means I need to clean out the room she is sleeping in among other many things in my house...and more YW stuff...etc etc...

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Cheryl, I totally would love to be on Amazing Race too...we should apply together in, let's say, 5 years?

flip flop mama said...

Phew! Good luck getting all these things done!

Sara said...

i'm loving the amazing race, too! wouldn't that be a blast?

why are violin accompaniments (sp?) always so hard?

Cheryl said...

Hooray for good friends!

Sounds good to me!

Flip Flop-

I'm not exactly sure, but I think it's because the violin has been an instrument of virtuoso (perfection, really) for hundreds and hundreds of years --and so the music developed for the instrument is of really high caliber. Because of this, the accompaniment that follows it needs to match it. I don't know --does that make sense? Also my experience has just shown me that violin accompaniments are always difficult.
I guess that would have been the easy answer! :)

Michele said...

I am planning for a really good friend to come stay with me next week for 4 days. I am sooo excited. Also, if you are still looking for a bed for #4 and you want a toddler bed, I have one that you can have. It is taking up room at my house and I don't want it and there's nothing wrong with it. Other than no one uses it and no one will be for a long time. So let me know. :)

C Mommy said...


I don't often comment but, this is important to your sanity as a pregnant mother with four kids. Do not let number 4 out of the crib yet. I think he just turned 2 right? Get a crib tent and leave that kid in the crib until after the baby comes. He will sleep well, you will sleep well, you will know that he is safe and he will be safe!! I finally bought one with number 3 (when he started to sneak out of his crib and wander the house at night while I was pregnant with #4) and it turned out wonderfully! Many of my friends have found the same thing. They are worth the investment!!!
So, there is my 2 cents. No big boy bed yet!!