Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AI: Round One!

Here are my thoughts, opinions, and critcisms as I watch (ooh! Immediate coverage!) --oh, and forgive me for not remembering all the titles of the songs. I figured I would put them on there just so we can remember who was who, but I might get them wrong:

Jackie Tone (A Little Less Talk): I love her smile! It's kind of Lorelai Gilmore. I hate her outfit --it's a little too tight for all the dancing she was doing. It's a little over the top, if you ask me. Which is sad, because she's got a good voice. She honestly looks like she's drunk and at a party --and like Randy says, it's very entertaining. I was embarrassed for her. Sorry, but I was. I don't care what they're saying, because I just didn't like it. I LOVE her personality. Love it! But not the performance. I TOTALLY agree with Simon. It was...meh. She should have chosen something else to sing (but whaddya do? Personality versus vocals? With one chance only? I don't know what I would do...maybe she picked right...).

Ricky Braddy (Life and Time song): Nice voice. I'm trying to figure out who he reminds me of, though...hmmm. He blinks too much (nerves, I'm guessing). I like him! He's on pitch, he's taking vocal chances --but that high note wasn't great. In fact, I'm not liking his falsetto at all. But he was in tune, he has a good tone, and it was good. Almost too safe.

Alexis Grace (That Aretha song): I don't know. It's hard to say. She's not blowing me away, but I really like her voice. I guess I just don't like the song choice, because it was so...clippy. Choppy --you know? I think I would have rather heard her sing something with sustained notes (more than the two or three). But she's adorable. I like her. Interesting that Simon compared her to Kelly Clarkson...huh...

Brent Keith (Hicktown): Good country voice --ooh, cute dimples! Song's too safe, but he sounds good on it. He's definitely a country singer! It's hard to say because I don't know how to compare him to others. But I'm thinking he would be better on a ballad...

Stevie Wright (You Belong with me by Taylor Swift): Holy crud --who does she remind me of?! She looks like somebody I know... Anyway, the song starts way too low. Waaaay too low! She's a little flat. She's cute. She has a nice voice. She's totally blowing it! Her nerves are shining through more than any talent. Flat and shaky. Sorry, Stevie, but you blew it, girl!

Anoop Desai (Angel of Mine): Confession time: I have always found men of Indian ethnicity to be very attractive. Or Middle Eastern. Maybe it's an Aladdin thing. I don't know, but I'm likin' Anoop! *blush
Anyway...his voice...I really like it a lot. But this song kind of bugs. Maybe it's because it's too...cheesy? 90's? I don't know. He did pretty good but it didn't blow me away. Yes! That was it! It was sharp! Interesting that even though he didn't do it right --for some reason it still sounded good. Kind of. Huh.

[Is it just me, or HOLY COW, do the judges totally know who they want to go through!?!? Manipulators! Enablers! You're makin' it too obvious! Knock it off...]

Casey Carlson (Every Little Thing She Does by The Police): The wiggle dancing made me snort out loud. She should NOT be singing The Police. It's like blasphemy! Her voice is all "Britney Spears" and she's trying to sing like Sting. It's NOT working. And her mouth is huge when she sings --and yet nothing louder comes out. She's weirding me out, people! Granted, she's gorgeous. But this song doesn't work for her. At All. Yes, Randy! It was weird and wrong! Almost Sick and Wrong. I hope she doesn't cry...oh, don't cry! Stupid Paula --gorgeous women like Casey don't want to hear that all they're good at is being gorgeous. It's like a slap in the face. But she did choose the worst song. The worst.

Michael Sarver (I Don't Want to Be): Weird. I don't like this song the way he's doing it. But I think it's only because I'm remembering what's his face from a few seasons back who sang this and rocked it out. Who was that? Julie, do you remember? He was all Justin Timberlake that whole season, you know? Anyway...okay... I don't know. It's not amazing --and he's too quiet at parts. It's almost like he's humming through it. Not bad, though. Definitely not the train wreck Casey just did. And at least it was believable! CHRIS RICHARDSON! That was it. :)

Ann Marie Boskovich (Natural Woman): She's beautiful! Love her hair. Ooh --was that flat? She seems calm. This is good! Calm is good. Her lips do weird things on the word "feel", but she sounds fabulous! She has the brow crease problem I have --the scowl Brandon talks about that causes my big wrinkle between my eyebrows. Ha! That's funny. Great ending! She sounded really good! I disagree with the judges --I actually think she did a good job. She's got a great big voice, and I thought she did better than they are saying. Huh. I mean, it wasn't the best thing EVER --but compared to what I've heard tonight, I think she's done rather well!

Stephen Fowler (Rock With You by the King of Pop!): Good-lookin' guy! It's okay...I really like his voice. Ooh! It cracked. Crap! Maybe the key is too high? Oh, now I'm sad. Because I liked his voice. I guess I was hoping for better...maybe he should have done a ballad? Like a Stevie Wonder one? Oh, I'm sad. I like him. But that just wasn't great. Sigh.
Paula, that was STUPID. Yes, what's her butt shouldn't have sung The Police. But to say that Rock With You should only be sung by Michael Jackson? Then why do we sing anything not original!? So stupid.

Tatiana Del Toro (I'm Saving All My Love For You by WHITNEY!): Like you could forget who Tatiana is! Okay, her dress is...flowy.
See, people?! She can sing! She's full of drama, but she's a singer. Ooh! Flat note there, though. I didn't like the ending note, but hey, it wasn't half bad! It was pretty good! We can hate Tatiana's drama, and we can think she's crazy, but she has a great voice. Paula liked the last note!? This is why I don't really like Paula. We hardly agree.
Ha! Simon nailed Tatiana on the head!
And more ha! The judges don't know what to do with the person they THOUGHT they put through. HA!

Danny Gokey (Hero): Before he starts, I just have to say that I love this guy. It's bittersweet seeing him, because Jamar should be here with him!! I love his glasses --he looks great! I love how he's wearing a wristwatch. Funny! Okay...singing...great voice! I already knew he would do well, though. YES! He is nailing it! The Falsetto was weird --loved the ending note, because it was so unexpected. Awesome!!!
I knew he would rock it! Go Danny, go Danny, go Danny!
Aww...there's Jamar in the audience. *sniff *sniff
Hey, so do you think the judges like him?
And I love Simon Cowell. I do. Maybe I'm just getting older and more cynical, but I think Simon makes the most sense most of the time (out of the judges).

Who I predict will go through:
Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, and either Anoop or Michael Sarver.

Who will probably go through just because the Universe is funny that way:

What did you think? Who's your favorite so far?


Natalie said...

I couldn't agree more...Danny was THE BEST and I'm predicting Alexis Grace and Anoop. Loved your thoughts. Keep it up.

Ann said...

I agree with your predictions, Cheryl. Danny was awesome...and is it just me or does he totally look like a young Robert Downey, JR? I was thinking that the whole time....especially with those great glasses.

Ryan and Missy- said...

ahahaha, I have a little crush on Anoop too! Ever since his audition. Glad to know I'm not the only one :)

Courtney N said...

I love love LOVE Danny! He was awesome! To be honest, everyone just seemed really really nervous. It seems like the people who were more confident sang better and they will (hopefully) move on. Its ok. I love Anoop too. You just don't expect him to have that voice... he's so mysterious! And I love the dark features (skin, eyes, hair) too. Thats why I was in love with my tour guide in Egypt!

Susan M said...

Ugh, the girl who sang "Natural Woman" was horrible! Well ok, not horrible, but that song was way too much for her. You just can't do that song. Not when both Aretha and Carole King have done it. You just can't compete.

What's with all the horrible song choices? The whole night was a train wreck except for a couple people.

Danny's been my favorite from the beginning---I really think he can win the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

I thought the whole night was a train wreck for almost everybody. Danny was great, though I thought Simon's opinion was the most realistic--the other guys were just a tad over the top, but when you compare him to what was going on the rest of the night you can see why.

Alexis Grace was pretty good. I like Anoop, but not the song. Actually, I didn't like any of the song choices last night. That Braddy Bunch guy was decent. Everyone else, blech. I had to turn my head away on more than one occasion because it was just too painful to watch. The Taylor Swift chick and the Every Little thing She Does Is Magic chick especially. Painful!!!

flip flop mama said...

Yeah last night was painful except for Danny and Anoop. I have a crush on both of them!

Annette Lyon said...

I've only seen the first half so far, so I can't comment on the second half, but you're right on with the ones I did see.

(Thank you, TiVo, I'll be watching the rest later today.)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

You girls can't have Anoop, he's all mine! ;)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Or, as Randy & I prefer to call him, Noop Dog. :)

Anonymous said...

My Sr. year of high school I briefly dated a guy named Raj. He was Indian, very tall with beautiful skin and eyes, and better looking than Noop Dog. I wonder whatever happened to him.

Cardalls said...

I was getting my haircut and it was on, but wasn't paying much attention, and didn't get their names. I did like Danny and Tatiana is just many times have they said DON'T SING WHITNEY?? and yet...