Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hey, remember when Brandon was coming home tomorrow, which was actually yesterday because I told you about it on Friday, which would make tomorrow Saturday, which was yesterday?

He's still not home.

The meetings/presentations/whatever-it-is-they-do went so well on Friday that they wanted Brandon there for some follow-up (or continuous?) ones on Monday. That's tomorrow. But he told them that was it. Monday afternoon, he's flying home (which gets him here by midnight Monday night). It's his fourth Sunday in London, and although England is a smashing good place to be, he wants to be with his family.

Good thing, too, because we sure are missing him!


flip flop mama said...

Sorry he's still not back! That stinks!

Michelle Walker said...

I know how that feels. You so need a time to have in your brain to know when you can take a break, kind of like a horizon. When Randy spent the summer in Harlem for his internship I thought I was going to die a slow and painful death!!!