Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dude, This Ain't The Dress Barn!

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Hey, so do you remember the lady with the coffee from McDonald's? Yeah? Well, I guess our society's growing sense of entitlement has expanded:
Read this: Madhousewife's honest satire (yes, it exists) gives me happiness.
Then read this: Ethan's logic makes me happy, too.
Finally, read this: David T. is an intelligent man and I tend to agree with most everything he says. Oh, and that makes more happiness!
And this article puts it out there and I like it (although, at the same time, I cringe at extreme rhetoric, whether it be Left or Right. But I happen to agree with Michelle Malkin here, so, there you go...).
If you are too lazy to go to these links, then I'll just tell you the gist of it: eHarmony was sued by a gay man 3 years ago because their Christian-based dating site (using successful heterosexual marriages as a formula to match up potential couples) refused to match up homosexual couples. And guess what, people? The man won the lawsuit. Well, eHarmony actually settled out of court. For three years they fought it and saw they would lose, so they have now paid the man, paid the courts, and are launching a separate site for gay couples.
The thing is, gays have every right to find a dating site that caters to their needs. eHarmony wasn't discriminating against anybody; they just didn't offer every option possible. In fact, they refused to help a married man find a date because he was already married. Gasp!
But, hello? This is why we have a capitalist system, people! If you want to find a service to fit your specific needs, then you find it. It's not like there isn't something out there for everyone, you know? This is America! But no, that wasn't good enough. Do you know what this is like, dear reader? To borrow from some comments I read elsewhere:
This is like forcing a Vegetarian Restaurant to serve meat.
This is like going into The Dress Barn and demanding men's boxers.
This is like going to Taco Bell and coercing them to make you chicken tikka masala.
It makes no sense. And yet as Ethan pointed out in his post, it's happening everywhere, at least where gay "rights" are concerned. It is becoming increasingly harder to do business with a religious or conservative motive/vibe/interest, etc. and all in the name of equality. Equality for what? A genderless, Godless society? Equality where religion no longer exists? Wha??
And so, like the woman with the coffee, an entire new system of lawsuits are being created, all with the name of "YOU are the reason I am miserable. Pay me money and change all your policies! Because, gosh darn it, your rights are not as important as MY rights."
Man, this makes me tired. Annoyed, baffled, sad, and tired.

What do you think? Do you believe it's completely wrong for a company to follow the dictates of their own conscience? Or do you think people should be forced to shun values and give into the pressure of conformity before they get sued themselves? Yeah, yeah, so my questions are leading...if you can't tell, I'm not really in the mood to be all lovey-dovey right now. This is why my post tomorrow will be all about Gratitude. Because I sure need some perspective, eh? Oh, and plus it's Thanksgiving this week, you know...


Anonymous said...

I just love it when common sense is put aside in the name of "justice."


Lizzie said...

Dang, I WISH I could get chicken Tikka Masala at Taco Bell.... yum... way to fill my head with impossible dreams, Cheryl!

Never A True Aggie said...

I think there is going to be some interesting things coming about in the future. I heard in one radio commentary that back in the 60's the faith communities and the civil rights communities walked hand in hand. That is not the case anymore. It makes you wonder....of course we know why. There is sin. No matter how soft and cuddly you put it, there is sinful behavior going on out there that is not in keeping with God's commandments. Now, legislating that is very difficult, if not impossible. I do see some good coming from this in that the more "reasonable" folks of the gay community are working with LDS leaders or at least meeting with them. Either way, I actually see a lot of "legal" issues coming up in the future...prop 8 or not.

Cardalls said...

Hate the sense of entitlement attitude...we are the land of the free home of the brave people. Find or start your own dang website if you don't find what you want somewhere else..geez.

Oh and I personally can't shop in a store that has "barn" in the name.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

The only time a company should be sued for discrimination is when the consumer is forced to use their services, (ie: like how Questar Gas is the only Natural Gas provider in my town) and that company then discriminates. In any other case, it's just plain stupid and selfish to believe that all companies should have to bend to the wills of their customers. Like you said Cheryl, we're in America for freaking sake! (Maybe you didn't use those exact words) :)
There is no way that any of us can pretend that the uproar we've heard with Prop 8 has will continue. Sigh.

PS-Cardalls is right, who wants to shop for clothes at a place with "Barn" in the title? :D

Alison Wonderland said...

I loved the post over at Mad's and I love it here too. It's so true and unbelievably sad and unbelieveable.