Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bad News/Good News

Bad News:
I've gained almost 10 pounds.
Good News:
I'm aware of it and am taking measures before it turns into 11 pounds. Or 20 pounds. Or 40 pounds.

Bad News:
Brandon is going to North Carolina tomorrow and his birthday is on Thursday.
Good News:
He'll be back Friday morning, so this trip is nice and short.

Bad News:
I forgot to do the small take-home project #2's teacher asked me to do for their Kindergarten class.
Good News:
She doesn't need it done until Friday.

Bad News:
I have made no progress on NaNoWriMo.
Good News:
I tend to thrive under pressure.

Bad News:
The house is a mess and there is no bread.
Good News:
I have resolved to clean and am shopping in the morning.

Bad News:
Dead grass, cold weather, no desire to go outside.
Good News:
Fireplaces, the smells of pumpkin, good books.

Bad News:
Good News:


Ann said...

It's nice to be able to find the silver lining, isn't it? It sure helps me get through some of those "bad news" days.

Julie said...

Wow, your posts during the depression times over the last 3 months have changed so much! Go back and read them and congratulate yourself! You are so great.

Alison Wonderland said...

Look at you being all positive. That's great!

Annette Lyon said...

I'm with you on the 10 lbs things. ARGH! Not sure how they showed up, but I'm going to get rid of them again even though we're entering the worst time of year for that.

As I was reading this, #2 comes in with a reminder of something I forgot to do for her for school. Look like you and I both dropped the same ball on that. :)

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Michelle said...

Hmm, I need to lose 10 lbss. too. Maybe you should start some sort of challenge for us?

November is a hard month.

Hope, hope, hope.

becky, i have a cat said...

Bad news: found a hole in the crotch of my jeans yesterday.

Good news: I had bothered to wear underwear.

Cardalls said...

ROFL at the last comment on wearing underwear..now THAT is looking for the silver lining

Desi said...

I love how honest you are, but most importantly I admire that you are able to see the positive in each of these situations.

Cheryl said...

Haha! Becky, that was awesome. :)

It's only because I chose not to re-hash this month. I honestly haven't had the best few days, but I decided I was tired of talking about it. But I guess that really could be the same as progress? Perhaps it could be...I don't know...

And hooray! Other weight gainers! Wait...I don't mean Hooray! I mean, What is Wrong With Us?! Yeah, that's better. :) I say we resolve to lose weight just because we should, rather than because we want to. I've done the want, now I need to do the should. Does that make sense? (thinking...thinking...)

Anonymous said...

Good News:
I read your post.

Bad News:
I have nothing to say.


Jeanette said...

So, not only did our husbands both serve missions in Australia, they also share birthdays. Interesting. :-)
I've gained more weight than I am willing to face in the last month and the holidays are just starting...

Amber said...

OK, so I'm confused. I thought you were taking a blogging break, only to drop by your blog to discover you haven't? Huh? Glad to see you're here, nonetheless!