Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To All California Voters!

TONIGHT (Tuesday, October 21st, 2008) at 6:00PM (PDT):
Log onto this site from your computer at home, and join in the LIVE BROADCAST!
We will teach you how to most effectively “make your voice heard” online by doing such things as clicking on and sharing YouTube videos, commenting on news websites, maximizing the power of your Facebook profile if you have one, and thus persuading undecided voters in California—all from your home computer! We will also have online chat forums so you can share your ideas with thousands of viewers nationwide!

This applies not only to California residents, but also to students from CA going to college in other states. Please join the effort tonight and do your part to help pass Prop 8!

P.S. Video by a California teacher

P.S.S. Another link to a great post about why it's IMPORTANT for Prop 8 to pass!