Friday, October 17, 2008

Depression + Sick Kids + Hard Work = Why Not?

I try to be good mother, a loving mother, a considerate mother, who wants to see her children happy. That’s too bad. Shallow and unfeeling is a lot cheaper. --Erma Bombeck

And easier, I would add.

#3 woke up with a fever last night; the throwing up commenced this morning. #4 was sick the last few days; luckily, no puke. So far, the girls are unscathed. But I'm not holding my breath.

Positive news? Your comments on my post from yesterday. Made my week, people! And I followed all of the advice: I cleaned like a madwoman yesterday. The house is sparkling, the laundry is finished, and when it was done, we took a trip to the library and visited Brandon at his office. I spent the evening reading books, watching BYU lose (man, that sucked), and enjoying The Office. And although I find myself wanting to wallow, wallow, wallow, I refuse to: I'm already two hours into action and the office is getting unpacked, people! I did it! I started! And now I'm in for the long haul. Who knew one could fit so much junk into one room?
So, you see? Action helps ward of self-pity. And it's good because although I still feel all depressed (I'm kind of quoting Alison Wonderland from her comment yesterday), lots of stuff got done. This is a good thing! Good, good thing.
Well, dear reader, now I'm off to check on the puke boy and make sure the kids are staying out of the office supplies that are now spilling into the family room. Oh, the joy.
Have a great weekend!


Never A True Aggie said...

I am glad that you are being so pro-active! Sorry about the puke. I always think of that scene from Ya-Ya Sisterhood where Naomi Judd is in the midst of her depression and all her kids get sick. But, she takes off for like a week...I don't recommend that. Cleaning your house is much better.

Jeanette said...

Having sick kids is so stressful!
I went on a cleaning frenzy myself yesterday. It is so nice to walk in the kid's rooms without stepping on toys and books (while it lasts).

bythelbs said...

You're awesome. Keep fighting through it!

Leslie said...

I love your quote... :)

Hope sick boy is happy and getting better! Have a good one!

Cardalls said...

On my #3 sometimes I secretly (and guiltily)enjoy him having a fever because he actually sits still for longer than 10 seconds and will lay down and watch a show and will actually let me snuggle him for a few minutes.

glad you are warding off the Wallowing monster....good therapy in organizing!

JustRandi said...

Great job, Cheryl!! I'm so proud of you for doing something about it. I can't believe you're really getting that office unpacked. You're an inspiration.

Richelle said...

Hope you all can fell better!

flip flop mama said...

Good job staying busy and fighting the depression!

Jesse Mendez said...

Hi I am just looking through blogs and I found yours interesting and would like to invite you to become my friend. I have a mild art blog and I am always looking to make new friends, are you up to it?

I hope to see you soon, take care

Amber said...

Having sick kids is generally my unhappiest time as a mom. It's just so exhausting and taxing. Hugs to you!!!

Julie said...

Great job, C. You are the woman.

Cheryl said...

Yes. Yes, I am. ;)

True, true! Thank you.

Flip Flop-

Well, so far, #3 was the only one hit, although #4 has had some running of the nose. Here's hoping no one else gets it!

Thank you! I can't believe I'm finally getting it unpacked, either!

If I'm honest, I'll admit I like the "sitting and watching TV and not causing terror" part of the sickness, too. :)

Thank you!

No, YOU'RE awesome!

Agreed! I love clean rooms. :)

Never a True Aggie-
Sometimes I WANT to take off for a week, but yes. Cleaning IS much better! :) said...

good for you. this sounds so positive what you did. i like how you said "action helps ward off self-pity."