Wednesday, October 15, 2008

#3 Doesn't Like to Sing: A Small Story

I have finally figured out why #3 doesn't like church: He doesn't like to sing. Every week he yells "I don't wanna go to church!" and for weeks we couldn't figure out why. This past Sunday, he finally told me "I don't wanna sing!"
I'm not sure why he hates to sing, or what happened many months ago to make him hate singing, but I told him "You don't have to sing, #3." He didn't feel reassured.
After Sacrament Meeting (again, this past Sunday), the kids were to stay in the chapel to practice the upcoming Children's Sac. Meeting Program. #1 and #2 were very excited (since their parts were memorized; they were anxious to have their turn). At first #3 was okay; I was talking with someone as kids were getting settled, and then suddenly he was gone. Brandon came into the chapel (after having dropped off #4 at nursery) and said someone saw #3 in the hallways. We split up; I went straight for the Primary room. There, sitting in his usual chair on the front row in the very quiet and empty room was #3, looking quite distressed.
"#3, what are you doing, honey?"
"I came to my Pwimawey."
"C'mon bud, we gotta go to the Chapel."
"But I don't wanna sing!"
"You don't have to sing, #3. C'mon."
He took my hand, we walked to the Chapel and he followed me to where his class was sitting on the stand. That was when the bawling commenced. I held him and sat on the front pew while he cried and cried.
His teacher approached; I explained he didn't want to sing and she agreed he didn't have to sing. She asked him if he would help her pass out the program outline to some teachers, and he complied. She took his hand and they went to pass out programs, the sniffling slowing down. I made my way to Sunday School class, knowing he would be fine. And he was! He didn't have to sing.


Susan M said...

I don't like to sing either. So I don't.

Julie said...

That is really sweet. I am impressed that you were so calm about the whole thing. Sometimes I find myself forcing my kids to do things like that. I will remember this.

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather be in pwimawey than practicing for the dumb CSMP. It's torture. Torture, I tell you!

Weatherspoon Family of 6 said...

My 2nd doesn't like to sing either. Being in the primary presidency probably dosen't help but telling them you don't have to sing is good.

Amanda D said...

That story is too funny. Hopefully someday he'll warm up to singing!

Cheryl said...

Update! I just had this conversation with #3:

me: #3, I'm curious; you know, like Curious George; how come you don't like to sing in Primary?

#3: Because I don't want to sing all the songs.

me: But how come?

#3: Because it makes my breath hurt.

me: You just don't get enough air?

#3: Yeah.

So, it seems to me, that the kid just needs a good lesson in diaphragm control. Is that possible on a 4 year old? :)

Cardalls said...

So funny! I love your calmness too...aren't kids quirks so funny? I guess no funnier than mine....I don't like to clean--would someone please tell me I don't have to?? :)

Lizzie said...

He not supposed to really sing anyway... he's a boy. In the Primary Program, it's the job of the young boys to stand there with their hands in their pockets, limply mouthing the words to the song while looking around the chapel aimlessly, sighing and rolling their eyes. Ok, maybe he's supposed to be a bit older before he fills this vital roll, but he can start practicing now. It'll save his breath, and what would a Primary Program be with out those that are "Too Cool For School"? Nothing!

Leslie said...

Poor #3! Glad his teacher was understanding!

flip flop mama said...

I have a couple non-singers in my Sunbeam class. I haven't asked them why they don't like to sing, but I just might now! Glad you got to the bottom of it!

Jill said...

What a sweet story. Although, I have to say, as the newly called primary music leader in a ward of about 10 primary kids.........I'm really concerned about the non-singers. How will we fill the chapel with song for our program?

Amber said...

Doesn't like to sing, eh? Checkout my post tomorrow. Oh, if only I had that same problem....

Ann said...

My #2 (also a boy) doesn't like to sing either. But it's usually just when he's in front of people. Last year he wouldn't go up on the stand for the Primary Program. This year I'm his teacher, so he has to go up! :) (Maybe that's why they made me his teacher, lol.) He promised he'd sing this year if I sing with him. We'll see, I guess.

As far as the diaphragm lesson....I have no idea about that stuff, so good luck with that! :)