Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Words, words, words. I have no words. I wish I had words, but I don't.

Do you have any words, dear reader? Could I borrow a cup or two? Just until I can find out where mine went?

Blasted words...where did they go?


csrlee said...

Sorry, I stole them all.

Kelly A. said...

I don't believe it! I hope the reason you don't have any is because life is blissfully normal and boring so there isn't much to say and not that you are shocked free of words!

Cheryl said...

Rude. Give 'em back!

No boredom here. Just not sure what to blog about. Past the point of reason, really...

Courtney N said...

I've never known you to not have any words! Im shocked! Don't worry they will come back : )

Leslie said...

If you find them...will you tell them to come and visit me too?

Amber said...

Ahhh, hence the reason why I haven't blogged this week. I finally had to force myself to write a post tonight because I couldn't go cold turkey all together!

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said... say it best...when you say nothing at all...
(at least that's what a high school boyfriend told me once...I don't think he meant it in a flattering way, like I mean it with you though.)
I admit, I miss reading your words...they are like chicken soup for my's hoping you get them back tomorrow.

flip flop mama said...

I hope you get them back. Mine are lost too...

Amanda D said...

Been there. We'll still be here when they come back!

Becky, I have a cat said...

Here are a few on loan, but I'll eventually need them back.
Poooo, pooopity pooooo

* When I believe in myself, so do others
* I am my own unique self - special, creative and wonderful
* I trust in the process of life
* Life is a joy filled with delightful surprises
* My life is a joy filled with love, fun and friendship all I need do is stop all criticism, forgive, relax and be open.
* I choose love, joy and freedom, open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life.

Anonymous said...

It never hurts to relax for a few days. I've been living by that mantra for years and look where it's gotten me! Snort.

Jill said...

No words for you. But, I do have a question. How do you do the box with lots of pictures in it on your blog? Thanks!

Cheryl said...

Go sign up for and there you can make any sizes of mosaics and then save them to your hard drive as a single JPEG.

Ha! I mean...yes, relaxing for a few years, I mean, days, is good for us all.

Thank you for the image of you saying poo. My life is now complete. ;)
But thank you for those awesome thoughts. I appreciate them a lot!

Aw, thanks!

Flip Flop-
What the? It's like an epidemic of writer's block!

Ha! Thank you. You are too sweet, you know. :)

Seriously, it's an epidemic! But the blog post you pulled out of yourself forcefully was awesome, so, you know, even with your writer's block, you still write pure poetry that makes me laugh so hard I'm eternally grateful I'm not drinking milk!

You, too!? What the heck is going on!?

Dude. I know. I know! It's so strange!

Julie said...

Well, here's to a famine of words. Me, too. And I have plenty I should be talking about.

Cheryl said...

Seriously, Jules. I'm the same way --I have so much to blog about, but the words just aren't there. What is up with this?! And it's crazy that it's happening all over. Yes --a famine of words, indeed.

TaLaisa said...

I hear ya! I am at a loss for words too.

Jeanette said...

After being away from my computer and blogging for a week, I have totally not been able to get back into the blogging groove. I guess I have lost my words (for now) as well...