Saturday, September 20, 2008

Too Self Absorbed

I was too self absorbed this week. While wallowing through my own depression, my friends Jill, Kelly A., Laura, and Jeanette were experiencing the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Luckily, all of them (and their families) are well and have their electricity back. But the devastation Ike left in his wake?
Go here to see.
Then offer a prayer of gratitude that you weren't in Ike's path, and another for those who have to face the clean-up process.

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Jill said...

Thanks for the pictures of the storm, I have not seen most of these. A few of them are from Orange, and some are from the towns we drive through to get to the beach. It was some storm. Our Stake President talked to us yesterday about what events like this do. He said they either soften hearts or harden hearts. It's our job to help those who have softened hearts to find the gospel. He also told me that we wouldn't have to evacuate again this year....I'm holding him to that.