Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Not Weird. I'm Quirky!

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I was tagged by my adorable new SIL to share some quirky things about my quirkiness and quirky thinking. Since I'm all quirky and what-not. Or something quirky like that.

The rules: I'm supposed to write Six quirky things about me and then tag a few other bloggers. Easy enough, eh? In fact, now that I think about it, I might have already done this before. Ah, well. Who wouldn't want to know even more quirky things about yours truly? That's what I thought (and holy cow, reading the word "quirky" over and over is so weird. Isn't it a weird word? Quirky, quirky, quirky...). Oh, and a million bonus points go to the person who can tell me what movie the title of this post came from!
Here are my quirky quirks:
  1. If I have a guest in my house, my entire routine is blown. And not just my cleaning routine; my thinking routine, my bathroom routine, my cooking routine, my child-disciplining routine --everything. Totally shot! I can't think the same when people are in my house because I want to be a good hostess. I know others suffer from the same thing, but this is not just physical; it's psychological. It doesn't help that I love having guests over. Actually, maybe that's the quirky part?
  2. I relay future scenarios in my mind. If this happened, what would I do or say? And then what would I do or say after that? Yeah, sometimes it's just to prep myself for a difficult discussion with another person; sometimes it's as tragic as the death of a family member (or spouse. Ahem.) and I have to plan out the next 5 years. Sometimes I will actually have a conversation out loud while I'm cleaning, dressing, doing my hair, etc. Yeah. It's weird. But you always have to have a plan, right? Right? RIGHT!?
  3. When I clean the house, there is always a Jane Austen movie playing in the background. Always. Sometimes there's a Jane Austen movie playing in the background when I'm not cleaning, too.
  4. I care waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much about what other people think of me. As I've gotten older I've gotten better, but I still care. Even random strangers on community blogs. I don't think it's so much that they have to "like" me --I just don't want them to think I'm stupid. At these times, I'm usually channeling Elizabeth Bennett. If you can repeat the quote I'm thinking of, you get another bazillion bonus points!
  5. I tend to space out sometimes. Even in the middle of a conversation --I just get to thinking about what the person has said and it will be up to 10 or more seconds before I realize I wasn't paying attention to the rest of what they were saying. I always feel so bad when this happens, but I can't seem to help it!
  6. I have a hard time following a recipe. It's not that I can't --I just don't want to! I tend to change things around and because of this, I've messed up a lot of dinners. However, I've also discovered some pretty good stuff, too, so, you know. It all evens out. Sort of.

Okay, I tag Leslie and Katie if they're up to it.

Do you have any quirks that you're just dying to share? Good! Share 'em! It's nice to know I'm not the only quirky person around here...


Jill said...

Are you my long lost sister? I also relay future scenes in my mind, deaths in particular. Who would I call first, who would come help me, etc. I thought I was strange, but glad to see that someone I admire also does it. I can space out in a matter of nanoseconds. Especially if it is my husband....I'm trying to be better. Thanks for making my day!

Cristy said...

I would NEVER get my house clean if I had a Jane Austen movie playing! I don't care how many times I watch those things, I always have to stop and watch. You're too hilarious!

Jeanette said...

I often have a Jane Austen movie on as well. Cleaning or not. :-)
I'm with you on #4. Something I am working very hard on changing.
And #5? I think I do that as well sometimes but I have to stop because my MIL does that ALL the time and it really bugs me that she NEVER hears what I am saying.
And why would anyone follow a recipe? That is half the fun of cooking! :-)

flip flop mama said...

Numbers two and five--totally do them too.

Loved the list

Rebekah said...

RUNAWAY BRIDE!!! I get a million points for knowing where your title comes from! YAY!

So, I'm really really relieved that you don't follow a recipe because... I don't either. Like, ever. I just think it's boring and I have this cool thing about wanting to add my special touch to everything I do, you know?? :) Which, is not always a good thing. Anyway, it just makes me happy that you have the same talent of improvising. It's not weird, it's quirky!!

Lizzie said...

This is funny, because I was tagged for this very thing from someone else's blog. Isn't it weird how the same tag can be floating around for a while on everyone's blog, even unrelated ones? I've never acted out an entire future SCENE before, but I do know what I'd do in case of husband's death. But I guess thats not quirky, just good planning.

Rachel and Nathan Fisher said...

Okay, #1, #2 and #4 - totally me. NOT #6, I am a totally by-the-book cook. It drives my husband crazy sometimes - if we don't have the EXACT ingredient called for I will not make it. I'm slowly getting better (he is NOT a recipe follower and is a great cook, usually).
I don't do #5, but my Mom does. All the time. Drives us all crazy.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

This weird thing is WAY weird. I have this fear of driving near lakes, rivers, or ponds. If I'm driving over a bridge that has no guardrail, I totally picture what it would be like to swerve into the water. So I really have to concentrate on driving straight, because I have this irrational fear that I'll accidentally drive off the bridge.
Ya, I know.

Cheryl said...

We're totally sisters. Somehow. Premortally, anyway. ;)

I don't have to stop because I have them all memorized. It's a blessing AND a curse!

It's seriously one of my greatest weaknesses; but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!

Flip Flop-
That's because you are cool quirky like me!

Yay! You won the million points! I'm glad to know you're quirky like me, too. It makes it easier to accept you into the family. *snort

See? I'm just a good planner. ;)

By-the-book recipe following is also quirky. See? We're both more alike than we thought! Wait; I always felt we were similar. So, this just proves it! Yes!

You are SOOOOO weird. Weird, weird, weird. Actually, you know what? I do that, too. Not kidding! I'm the same way with cliffs (mountain driving). Even really high freeway bridges going over other freeway bridges. I'm not a fan of heights or drownings.

Leslie said...

So...you'll have to check out my blog tomorrow to learn about my quirks...Thanks for the tag! Now I don't have to think of a topic for tomorrow! Yay!

I love #5...cuz...that's me too Sistah! And...I think you know how I feel about Jane Austen and my love for a good Austen adaptation in film. I also think about what to say should the need arise in the future. And...guests...you can't live with em, can't live without em.

Richelle said...

I'm with you on #2. I'm always thinking of what I am going to say to people about certain things and going over the conversations in my head. Maybe not outloud, though.

Julie said...

"I can't bear the thought that somewhere someone in the world is thinking ill of me." It's something like that.

If I had Jane Austen movies on in the background I'd never get anything done. Ever. And my kids wouldn't move. I wish it was because they love Jane Austen, but it's more because they watch whatever is on tv.

And I'm very quirky. But more weird.