Friday, August 01, 2008

CEO?? Pshaw! We Deal With Poop, Buddy.

Dear Reader,
I am currently on my to Atlanta, GA for my baby brother's wedding. I wrote this post yesterday morning, but thanks to Blogger's post scheduler, voila! It looks like I wrote it this morning. Enjoy! I'll see you when I get back. Or from the hotel tonight. Because I'm obsessed like that.
Most Sincerely,
Happy Crazy Cheryl

The following happened on Wednesday afternoon within a two hour window:

*#4, not wearing anything but a diaper because it was a hot day, was found, by me, with poop all over his legs, his arms, his belly, and in his diaper. Miracle beyond miracles, no poop was found on any carpet, toys, or furniture. How this occurred, I will never know!
*Convincing three of my four children (#4 just isn't old enough to be convinced, yet) to help me clean the play room/family room without completely freaking out (although a little yelling did occur. Okay, maybe a lot. But not as much as usual, so it was progress!).
*#1 accidentally knocked down a light fixture with a large, folded box. This sent glass shattering all over the family room carpet, caused her to cry in hysterics, and made me --once again --grateful that Brandon ended up buying the Dyson.
*Being able to talk on the phone with a superb and dear friend throughout all the catastrophes and still accomplish a meaningful and delightful conversation.
*#1, thinking she could lift the 1 gallon pitcher of lemonade out of the fridge with one hand, spilled said contents all over the fridge.
*#3, not paying attention, knocked over an entire glass of lemonade, which spilled all over his pants, #1's pants, two chairs, the floor, and the counter. Who knew 8 oz. could spread so far?

I've decided that mothers are better than CEO's. Better than any high-falutin' business person whose job it is to put "fires" out all day, because a mother? With small children? Not only does she have to put out "fires", but she has to keep the child's sense of self-worth in tact, at the same time teaching the importance of responsibility. We do the menial and most degrading of jobs (poop, throw up, snot, etc.), and yet we have these delicate, delicate minds to mold and these amazing souls to love.
Hardest job, ever. Hands down.

And now, for your laughing pleasure (and because I love Bythelbs' Funnies Fridays and so I couldn't resist to steal her idea), here is a taste of what goes on in our home on a very consistent and deliberate basis:


Jeanette said...

What a day!
It is the hardest job, hands down, but also probably more rewarding than being a CEO.
Hope you are having fun in Atlanta.

Cardalls said...

Laughing so hard right now! I love the cartoon! Harder than a CEO job?? FOR SURE!! SOOOO much more important than a CEO??? Infinitely and Eternally! Now isn't that just perfect that you had a day like that right before you get a break from it all? That's called karma--or something!?!

Julie said...

I agree -- this must have been one of those moments where you got to experience the full force of the storm so you could fully appreciate the time away. What. A. Day. :)

The comic is so very appropriate for my preschooler-ridden home!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea all that was going on--I heard about the poo, but man, you had a full day!

Have an awesome trip!

Jolene said...

I've been meaning to tell you that I worked and went to school in Atlanta pre-mission. There really is nothing you can do to prepare for the humidity. It is what it is. Coming from the low-desert like I do - it was a shock. But so were all of the green trees and kudzu growing on everything. I really love Atlanta - I hope you have a great time.

Why is when something gets spilled in large quantities - it has to be sticky? That just makes it worse!

SilverRain said...

All I will say is this:
Useful Mom Discovery #98,748*
Red Raspberry Crystal Light powder, despite its frightening color, does not stain if you rinse it out soon enough.

*And I only have one, two-year-old child.

Richelle said...

I think the show "Dirtiest Jobs" should have to take care of kids. Especially a sick one--coming out both ends dirty! :) Definitely as bad as anything on that show.

myhappyplace said...

I just got a new job (outside the house)and have been thinking how hectic it is going to be managing that and family as well but you win hands down! My daughter is 9 now but she used to take her diaper off at night and one morn. she had "painted" herself, crib, walls, everything w/poop and was quite pleased w/herself. Ah joy/sob.

FluffyChicky said...

I'm laughing with you because we have all so been there! Ain't motherhood just a barrel of laughs?

Have a fantastic trip!!

flip flop mama said...

Oh it's totally harder! Sorry you had such a rough day! And I totally agree with Richelle. There is no dirtier job than being a mom.

Summer said...

I LOVE the comic!