Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blogging Baby Shower for Julie!

For those of you who know Julie, you are probably aware that she is having her fourth child very, very soon. For those of you who don't know Julie, you are now aware that she is having her fourth child very, very soon. Julie is an amazing mother, wife, and friend, and we sure love her. Right now, she and her family are going through some tough times, and just the other day she realized that the baby is coming soon!
Because of this, we have decided to throw her a Blogging Baby Shower (and by "we" I mean Janelle. She thought it would be a good idea. Because Janelle is full of good ideas. One reason --of many! --to love Janelle!).
Here's how it's going to work:
1. In your comment, give the best Newborn Baby advice you have heard or experienced. Although this is Julie's fourth child and she's quite the pro, it's easy to forget all things "newborn" when you have been removed from it for a few years (or months!). Not to mention all the great and undiscovered ideas out there!
2. Also, please give Julie the best advice you have for mothering more than one child whilst one is a newborn. If you have had more than four --than you deserve a medal! Oh, and you need to dish on the secrets of surviving with a household full of kidlets. Without going crazy. Is that possible? Anyway...
3. If you know Julie, give her some positive words of encouragement. If you don't know Julie, give her some positive words of encouragement!

Yay! We love you, Julie! You're one of the best things that has ever happened to Blog Land, and we're super excited for your little boy to join the world. Good luck!


TaLaisa said...

Yay, Julie you are fantastic. I'm so excited for your family.

When I had my 3rd, I thought I'd go nuts. That's when I decided babywearing (in the sling) was not just for going places. I wore Him a lot. He really really loved it. And if he thought he didn't, I would walk and bounce around with him in it until he fell asleep or decided he was okay in it. Use that sling I sent ya!

Babies sleep a lot, a lot more than I remembered. I took naps on the couch while he was asleep and 'let' the boys watch a special movie complete with popcorn, on occasion.

While you're nursing the baby, keep an ear on Brig. Seriously when Eli was born, that is when Caleb became extra busy making messes. It's nice that you have 2 at home, My oldest was at school all day and. Have the girls help keep an eye on him. Nursing time was chaos time for the first few times, with Caleb. Puzzles helped keep him busy.

Take any offer for help, seriously. Arrange play dates with friends or have visitors. Sometimes I found newborn babyhood to be isolating. It was nice to have outside visitors.

I Love you!

And thanks Cheryl for giving me the heads up before we left.

Christie said...

Hi Julie,
My best advice is just take it one day at a time and enjoy these moments. At this moment it seems like you will never have a moment to yourself and there will always be sticky hands in the house. Believe me, you will blink and it will all be over, you will be sitting in your home with your very last one, not a baby anymore and wondering, did I do enough!!! Speaking from experience, stop and enjoy!!!! I'm down to one last baby at home and I wonder every day, where did those years go. I love you and promise that you are going to love this 4th baby. I enjoyed Whitney more than any baby, probably cuz I knew she was the end, but she truly is a joy. Breath!!!! You can do it!!! Love ya much, Aunt Christie

Janelle said...

Ok so all of you will have more experience than I do but here goes nothing. When our newest baby came I did let our older two touch her and hug her as much as they wanted and even though it was scary I sat by them and let them hold her over and over and was not overprotective.

Also, when the choice came between the baby's needs (which are all the time) and the older kids needing something like a hug or a book or a band aid, I would choose the older kids because they would remember and have their feelings hurt whereas the baby would be in a wet diaper for a little longer. It felt like I had time for everyone and my older girls had absolutely no baby resentment. It was a tough not to spoil my middle child trying to overcompensate for what I had anticipated as a dethroning, but she adjusted well. Sometimes when the baby cries even now she wants to be held before I pick up the baby and so I do, and then she says, "Mom you need to get the baby." And with her permission I do. And both children got their needs met.

Like I said, all of you have wonderful newborn parenting tricks and I'd like to hear them all!

Julie - I hope this virtual baby shower is a pick me up on a hard day. We're all hoping the Dr. Appt. goes well and your baby comes as safely and easily as possible.

Julie said...

Keep it coming, friends! I really appreciate the love and advice.
I am posting periodically today from Primary's. Everything's good. This is not a crazy day as far as actual physical trauma goes, but it's still a day in the hospital, which is never the best.
Thanks for your love!

Cheryl said...

The best thing I remember when I have a newborn is to just let things go. Not everything, of course, but most things. If the dishes don't get done everyday? Oh, well. If the kids don't get a bath very often? If I don't shower every day? Oh, well. If the laundry never gets folded? Oh...wait. I guess I still do that one. Ha!

With that said, though, I also make sure I get out of the house at least every other day with all the kids. Walk around the block? Totally counts. Buying milk? Visiting a neighbor? Totally counts.

I love all Janelle's advice about the older kids' needs. I had never thought about it that way before. Makes so much sense!

Julie, you are such a fantastic mother, and I have no doubt that you will continue to be fantastic with four. We'll be praying for a safe delivery --and that Brig will have a successful diagnosis today.

Love you!!

Cardalls said...

you dont' know me at all, but i had my 4th almost a year ago. it has been quite an adjustment for us, but we are good now! Looking back I would just echo Cheryl's comments to let unimportant things go. It is really hard for me to do this, I have a hard time playing on the floor w/my 3 year old while the rest of the house is in chaos, but if I do it everyone is happier! Also really enjoy this time, don't wish it away, love on that newborn and let your kids love on the new baby. I look back now on some of the chaos and messes and craziness that has happened and I smile now. I just wish I had smiled more then and taken pictures of the whole roll of toiletpaper in the flooded toilet! i tend to stress about the small stuff that doesn't really matter all that much!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I feel like it's been so long since I had a newborn...but my advice is to print some of the brand-new-in-the-hospital baby pictures in black and white. The B & W just brings out the features of the baby, instead of focusing on the baby's blotchy/red skin. Back when I was having babies (in the pre-digital days) I always brought one camera with color film and one with B & W. I guess now you could just photoshop it?

As for the more than one kid thing: Buy Brig his own babydoll. I know your DH might not like the idea, but when each of my boys became the big brother, they felt much better by taking care of their own baby. Granted, we found a babydoll with all blue clothes, and even drove down to Layton just to find a blue doll stroller...

I know you'll do awesome. You such an amazing woman, and your love for your kids shines through. Just remember, perfection is not required. :)

Greg and Wendy said...

Oh, Julie, honey! With Heavenly Father's help, you can do anything. I know Cindy can tell you that just when she is so sleep deprived that she can't take it a minute longer, some sweet neighbor will show up at the door to help, or the babies will sleep well that night ...then she is invigorated and ready to tackle it all again! Don't ever turn down offers of help and pray often in your heart during this time for patience, love, and strength. You are such a great mom. Dad and I have nothing but admiration for you. I agree so much with all the comments made thus far. Janelle hit it on the head as far as the other kids are concerned. Great advice! What Christie says is oh so true even though now it seems like you will be in diapers and bottles FOREVER! I remember having the very same thoughts and it seems like yesterday. Truly! And here we are with 16 grandkids. How did that happen? (Don't answer that!) I am glad you are blogging because many of those exasperating moments when you could lose your temper can turn into wonderful posts! Keep your camera handy because we will all be waiting to here from you! YOU CAN DO IT! And you have a great husband who will be a wonderful support. Don't be afraid to ask for a priesthood blessing and OFTEN if necessary.
Love and best wishes, honey. We can't wait to meet our new little guy!

Anonymous said...

I left such a wise and insightful comment a few hours ago, but apparently it vanished into the blogosphere. I'm not sure I can reproduce the moment, but I'll try.

1. With my newborns, I always carried around one of those pocket size calendars (like checkbook size) and a pen to record various little details and milestones. (Baby books are nice, but who carries their baby book around in their diaper bag?) It was nice to have things like first smile, first time rolling over, etc, but also to have recorded sleeping and eating habits, patterns of illness, etc. I would also write down what we did at least a few times a week to kind of paint a picture of life with a newborn. I did that for the first 2 years with my first 3 and then just for the first year with #4.

2. When you have moments where Dad takes the baby, try to spend a little individual time with each of the younger kids, even for just a few minutes--they'll be all over the baby when he first comes, but it won't take them long to miss Mom's attention. They'll appreciate having mom read them a story without baby brother "tagging" along.

3. For me, being a mother of 4 was not a big adjustment from being a mother of 3. You're already an awesome mother of 3, so it's just a given that you'll be an awesome mother of 4. And no matter how many mistakes you think you make or bad mommy days you think you have, your kids will be quick to forgive and will always remember the best of you. Trust me, I have some experience with this.

I said it all much better the first time around, but *sigh* what are you going to do?

Amanda D said...

First off, congrats! I don't know that I will have much to offer but... Just remember that you can't spoil a newborn. Hold him (her?) as much as you want to, but remember that he wont hurt him (her?) self if left to cry while you tend to the needs of the other kids.

Oh, and stock up on some M&M's. :)

The Florida Roses said...

Hey Julie-
Sorry I didn't jump on and participate with the blog shower earlier...really it's because you are so much more of an experienced mom than I am and my kids are older! How does that happen????!!! It's because you are AMAZING! I know you are going to do great with this 4th baby because you are so darn amazing with the first 3! Congrats and know how much we love you and wish we could be there!