Thursday, July 17, 2008

Youth Conference Memories?

I'm on my way to Youth Conference! (Like Bible Camp for youth ages 14-18, but shorter --only 2 1/2 days) I probably won't see you, dear reader, until Sunday. So, blog wonderful things and try not to miss me too much!

Oh, and for fun:

Did you ever attend Youth Conference (Girl's camp, scout camp, etc.) when you were a Youth? If so, did you like it? What are some of the most memorable experiences you had? Good and Bad?


Anonymous said...

One year my stake attended EFY at BYU for our youth conference. The most memorable part of that trip was having this goober (I mean perfectly lovely young man) and his dork (I mean perfectly lovely) friend bother my sister and me. They cornered us to sit with them at dinner, and it was all very uncomfortable and embarrassing. The goober had major table manner issues. When he made a big crummy mess while eating his role, he brushed all of the crumbs into his hand and threw them over his shoulder (there were people sitting back there!), and also somehow he managed to get jello on his shoulder. And lest you think I am one of those snobs totally unfeeling to the more socially challenged, he was just kind of a jerk, too.

We did get to hear John Bytheway speak, though--that was good!

Anonymous said...

Um, I mean "roll", right? I'm having one of those moments where every spelling looks wrong even though it's like one of the easiest words to spell ever.

I am Michele said...

I loved going to Youth Conference and I looked forward to it every year. I always liked spending 2 days with my friends away from my family. It is fun staying at other people's houses. Once we came to Utah (from CV1) and went to Youth Conference with a ward in Spanish Fork. That was awesome. The testimony meeting was always awesome!! The dances were great and I was usually wishing I could dance with Keith cause he was such a good guy unlike a lot of the teenage boys there (ha ha Lindsey) and rocking out with my friends. I love Youth Conference and when my kids are older, I definitely want to be a host family for the weekend or help out at it or something. I have a lot of great memories and pictures from my years at Youth Conference. Can't wait til my kids can go cause it's awesome!!

ECS said...

I secretly loved Youth Conference, even though I thought I was too cool for it. One year, our Ward won the lip synch contest at Youth Conference. Our YM leader dressed up like a woman and we all danced around and lip synched to "Dude Looks Like a Lady". The crowd went wild - and I felt like a real rock star. lol

Hope you have a great time, Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm feeling bad that I was so negative in my first comment, so I will say something positive about youth conference.

For me, the best part about youth conference was the whole recharge--getting excited about the gospel again and being around a bunch of youth who were getting excited about the gospel again too. And by the time youth conference rolled around the next year, I was always due for that recharge. I think that really helped keep me going through my teen years.

FluffyChicky said...

At my first youth conference, we had John Canaan come and talk and sing...his wife and new baby came too and I got to hold the baby the whole time (because his wife was his sound engineer, so she was busy). That was cool.
Then I went to another youth conference and John Bytheway was our speaker (this was before he was married) and he did his "Book of Mormon Heroes" talk, which was totally hilarious and I remember getting into a "fight" with my BFF over which one of us Bro. Bytheway thought was cuter.
Then I went to another one where Jack Weyland was the speaker and my friends forced me to go get his autograph (I didn't want to, I was just happy to have seen him in person).
Then there was another youth conference where the priests snuck into the girls' rooms and did a panties raid and we woke up to find all our unmentionables flying from the flag pole. Good times.

Janelle said...

I loved Youth Conference especially when we joined with another stake and stayed over at the houses in their stake. My favorite was with the San Rafael stake, I made a super fun new friend that year. I loved the dances too, especially outdoor ones at the Antioch stake center. I also love lip sinc contests.

I have been in charge of all the games at Youth Conference before and I had a human foosball game, dunking booth with questions from the For The Strength of Youth, Duck Duck goose with squirt guns, a Water Obstacle course and a super fun lip sinc contest (with a stage) where you didn't know what song would come on but you and 4 other kids had to do it anyways with back up movements. OK so the games portion of youth conference totally rocked that year, but I nearly killed myself.

But the best part of Youth Conference is always the testimony meeting.

Jeanette said...

Too many Youth Conference memories to write about here. I think my favorite were the years we went to Kirtland. One year I got to camp at the John Johnson farm.
That was awesome.

flip flop mama said...

We had great Youth Conferences growing up. I can't remember anything specifically right now but I do remember I loved it! The activities were great the speakers and firesides were awesome--even though I was too cool to admit I was feeling the Spirit.

One thing I do remember is when I was probably 15 so it was my second Youth Conference. We were playing that game--kind of like steal the bacon but it's kissing tag--and I was WAY too embarrassed to play because I had never kissed anyone so I just sat and watched. I really wish I had had more guts to do things.

Clare said...

I always LOVED the service projects. In addition to helping out the community in some way, it was a chance to break away from your comfort zone and meet new people, because we were always divided into groups with people from different areas.

Also, I remembered that the food was always cold by the time they decided to let us eat, and one day I had had enough cold food. So I called my aunt who lived in the area, and she brought the kids in my ward pizza. And it was warm. The other kids were jealous :)

And for girls camp, I always went to 2. One in the state I lived in, and the other from the state I had moved from. I always had 2 of everything. I was cool like that :)