Monday, July 21, 2008

Craziness Abounds or So Much to Blog About!

My life has been crazy as of late.
What am I talking about!? My life has always, is always, and will always be crazy, crazy, crazy. And I'm okay with that.

So, anyway, my life has been crazy as of late, what with the Fabulous Vacation (that I haven't finished blogging about) and Youth Conference (which just ended this last weekend) and a supercajillion things that are going on in my mind. But before I get all philosophical, or ramble too much, here are some highlights of Youth Conference:
  • Thanks to some ward members and my sister, Brandon and I were able to attend the entire Youth Conference without worry! Or children. Which is synonymous with children, wouldn't you agree?
  • Every event went off better than planned. Even when we had some unexpected problems, it was obvious the Lord was blessing us in our efforts!
  • In a nutshell, this is what we did: Breakfast, devotional, Baptisms for the Dead, lunch, matching T-shirts ("Be Strong. Be Courageous. Be One."), Service Project (cleaning up grounds at a Bilingual preschool/head-start/day care center near Santaquin), Arriving at member's house in Fairview that was amazing (imagine a gorgeous, run-down, circa 1905 Victorian brick farm house with 2 acres of beautiful grounds, willow trees, horse pastures, and a white picket fence to boot!), Dinner, Dividing into "Families", Blind Walk of Faith (which, because of stupid goofing off on the part of some youth, ended up sending one girl back home with a broken nose. Not fun! We were glad that was the extent of any injuries, and fwiw, she's doing great!), Bed, Breakfast, Scripture Study, Family Flag making, Plates of Brass/Gold making (out of tin flashing and screwdrivers!), Fun-filled day at Palisade Lake where we ate lunch, built rafts out of doors and inner tubes (imagine comparing it to Nephi when he was commanded to build a boat), played and played, Dinner, one Long Blind Walk of Faith which took the kids one mile up the road to a hill overlooking Fairview and ended in a campfire devotional/testimony meeting, Root Beer Floats, Bed, Breakfast, Scripture Study, Pack and go home.
  • Loved it. Very tiring, but loved it!

After we got home, we had family pictures taken. My buddy Jan is a fab photographer (please see her add on my side bar --Photography by Janiece), and she took loads of photos of us up at Aspen Grove. Immediately after that, we had a big family party at the cousin of a cousin's house. By the time we got home, we all collapsed.

I want to thank you guys for leaving all your awesome Youth Conference stories! Loved them! Growing up, we never went anywhere or did anything huge; it was all local. But I do remember loving Youth Conference (and Girl's Camp), so I'm glad a lot of you have had good experiences. For the bad experiences, I like to think of them as good blogging stories. Right? Right. There's nothin' like a bad experience to bring out the blogger in all of us...

Okay, here are some housekeeping things:

  1. Did you notice my new heading? Awesome, eh? Well, Amanda took it upon herself to make it for me! Isn't she great? So, this will be my heading for a while...
  2. Go to Mormon Women: Who We Are. They also got a new heading! Well, a whole new look, actually, and I like it. A lot.
  3. I have three advertisements on my sidebar; FYI, these are not paid advertisements. I just like these people. Janiece took my kids pictures last year, and I still get complimented on them (and thus the reason I made her take some again!). Janine Weston took our family pictures while we were in the Bay Area and she is amazing! Nancy Barrus is my walking buddy and has been making custom wedding gowns in Utah Valley for decades. Her dresses are simply amazing! Anyway, if you know anybody looking for these things, feel free to pass along the info.
  4. I think I'm going to try and post several times a day until I can get caught up with everything. It's like a journal, you know --when you would miss a few days (or weeks, or months, or years)? And so you'd catch up in just a few short days? Yeah. That's gonna be me. If I can. I'll try. Because...
  5. house is a disaster area, and my cousin is coming to play late this afternoon, and I need to run to Costco. Oh, and shower. And clean some more.
  6. I'd rather blog than clean/run to Costco/shower.
  7. Is that wrong?

P.S. Coming up on Happy Meets Crazy: The Rest of the Fabulous Vacation, What's Wrong With Following the Prophet?, Thin is Harder Than I Thought, Why I Shouldn't Be a Youth Leader, and I Was Born To Be a Rancher. No, I'm Not Kidding.


Julie said...

Wow, kid! I knew you were busy but.....

And the new header is great!

Rochelleht said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

Sounds like Youth Conference was fun. I love being a Youth Leader. I'm not currently one, but the majority of my adult life, I've been in YW, so I just LOVE it.

Cristy said...

I Loved loved loved Youth Conference! Where I grew up it was stake YC every year (I know around here people do ward YC some years) and it was always the best time. I'm so glad you got to go and spend the whole time. So much fun! Good luck catching up with everything and can't wait for the blogs coming up!

Anonymous said...

The header is nice--so fresh and alive.

Glad you ended up having a good week even with all the worry and stress!

Have a great time with your cousin!

Oh, and you're losing me with "I Was Born To Be a Rancher". I was so not. :)

Amanda D said...

Do we get to see the family pics? I hope so!

I'm glad you like the header, but you don't have to feel obligated to use it. I was messing around in Photoshop, and thought it would be fun. I can make it wider if you want, too.

It sounds like Youth Conference was a success (other than the broken nose!).

Good luck on all your stuff this week.

flip flop mama said...

Sounds like Youth Conference was fun and I really like the header! I' looking forward to the "Rancher" post! LOL

Richelle said...

I like the new header. Very nice!

I am Michele said...

Can't wait to read the born to be a rancher. I personally believe that I am meant to have a farm and that I will some day (if I can ever convince my husband) so that caught my interest. :)
love ya!

Jeanette said...

So I have not been able to to much blog reading for the last week or so. I started reading this post and thought. Ahh...It is nice to be back to the blog land. It is like seeing an old friend that you have not seen for awhile. :-)
I do like the new header.