Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Okay, maybe I do have time to blog...about random things...

I lied. I have some things to tell you, dear reader:
  1. My children found a butterfly this afternoon. After hurting it's wings on accident, it died. My children then proceeded to make "Be Nice to Bugs!" signs, stand in the front yard, and wave them at passing cars.
  2. #1 got gum in her hair. After I explained to bythelbs on the phone (this morning) that my children never get gum in anything. Sigh.
  3. It's amazing how quickly you can get things done when you need to get them done. Laundry? Half-done! Oh. I guess that's not technically done. Close enough!
  4. I had three piano lessons cancellations this morning, but one make-up lesson this afternoon. I have decided that my children see piano lessons the same way they see the phone, someone at the door, chocolate, and gum. In other words, piano lessons are like flames to the obnoxious little moths. I swear.
  5. Yesterday I bought a swimming suit. For the first time in...forever, I actually enjoyed the process. I got myself a Tankini and I could shop in the Juniors section. Sweet Day!
  6. Tonight I'm shopping with my SIL and my sister (maybe a cousin?) for some "bridesmaid dresses". I say "bridesmaid dresses" because we are not technically bridesmaids for our future SIL (this August), but we're all going to wear matching colors. As in Pink. Pretty Pink! I'm actually very excited. I don't get to dress up in pretty things much anymore.
  7. #4 is progressing rapidly. He now says: outside, water, dada, mama, chair, down, and other random babbling.
  8. Last night we got together with a few of Brandon's cousins; Aunt Carrie (and clan) were in town, so we had a barbecue and a nice swim. I got to try out my new suit, and I was pleased with it. I mean, as pleased with a swimming suit as one can get, right? We had a great time. Totally worth the 30 minute drive!
  9. My foot has fallen asleep. I need to adjust.
  10. Brandon is going to PA the day after I get back from Canada (he has to go for business). Kind of lousy, eh? That means I will see him for about one day in the next 14. Sigh.
  11. I think that's all for now. Sounds like there's more laundry to do! (Happy, Happy. Joy, Joy.)


Jolene said...

I am down 40 lbs. now and I am in the market for a new swimming suit. I went in my old one and lets just say I was glad I was only with my immediate family. I am dreading the shopping however. I'm glad you had a good experience. I will keep that in mind while I am shopping.

Susan M said...

Never say never! I mean, rarely say never.

Good job on the laundry. It's summer; I told my kids to do some cleaning. Laundry, dishes, kitchen floor, living room all done. Teenagers are nice sometimes!

Cheryl said...

Good luck! It won't be bad, I promise. And WOW! Congratulations on the 40 pound loss! That's fabulous!

Ah, to have teens. I can't wait somedays. Seriously, can't wait!

Julie said...

Laundry half done? Welcome to my life!!!

And I'm glad you got a new swimsuit. I find the whole process so degrading and expensive -- two things I'm not usually willing to pair.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Hey, just a warning...the cops through Sardine Canyon are on super-lookout lately. So go the speed limit on your way here! :)

Anonymous said...

But did you get the gum out of the hair? Without the aid of scissors?

I'm glad you found a swimsuit--that is quite the accomplishment, in my book!

Madsens said...

Hey - this has nothing to do with your blog...but i just saw it on the Blackfoot Morning News website and thought i would pass it along so that more people are aware -

Super Sad!! http://www.am-news.com/content/view/76279/89/

Jumbo Shrimp said...

I had to readjust my legs as I was reading your #9 too because of tingling. Weird...

Yay for nice swim suits!

FluffyChicky said...

Glad you found a swimsuit you're happy with! That is awesome! Hope your trip to Canada is fun (even though you are going sans husband).

Cheryl said...

I just found out he gets to come!!

I know; my mom told me about it. It's so sad! So very, very sad. Thank you for sharing the link.

Cheryl said...

Oh, and bythelbs, nope. I totally used scissors. I'm so lazy!