Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Swirling Thoughts in My Brain

I have all kinds of thoughts swirling in my head. Things from Katie's blog post on slowly going Green, as well as hope that Julie P's last bit of pregnancy doesn't drive her insane (as it does all of us, don't you think?). Then I'm desperately sad that I won't be a part of Janelle's book club this month (I could fly back to Concord for that, couldn't I?).

It's a gorgeousnessess day today --and I think I signed up to go to the Enrichment Park-Day-with-kiddies-thing-a-ma-bob. Bad news, though. I have no idea where they are meeting. Doh!

Also, what is it about Mr. Tilney's love for Miss Morland that makes me think he's the kindest Jane Austen leading man out there?

Then my mind wanders to how my own leading man is leaving for another business trip today, and although it bugs me, I'm okay with it. Because it was planned in advance. Nothing says "I love you!" than advanced planning, I've decided.

Ooh! And that reminds me --not sure how --to tell you all that I have signed up for BYU's Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop! Hooray!! Mom? You wanna come watch the kids for me? It's in June --for five days. No worries! I only signed up for the afternoons...

So, as I ponder on all of these things, I'll let you know my Agenda for today:
  1. Clean the house like a mad woman. Because Julie is coming tomorrow! Hooray for me!
  2. Do laundry like a mad woman (fold it and put it away, too, Cheryl, you have no choice!).
  3. Shop at Costco. Like a mad woman.
  4. Clean the yard like a mad woman.
  5. Apparently go mad.

What's on your agenda for today? If you are not sure, what are all the crazy thoughts swirling around in your brain?


Desi said...

That workshop sounds awesome...I wish I lived closer. Have fun and share the highlights with us :)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

My swirly thoughts:
-That thing you said about feminists creating a generation of pansy-boys, that is something I say all the time. I keep wondering about that conversation.
-Worrying because my textbook for summer school had to be ordered, and I really need to get started on the reading!
-Excited for our overnight date this weekend (thanks MIL!) celebrating our 8 year anniversary
-Contemplating on traveling down to Provo for a Communities for Decency Conference on May 31st. It's free...but gas isn't!
-Starting to stress about school ending for the 3 Wild boys, I've gotten used to less mess during the day :)

I'm sure there's more, because my brain never stops swirling. :)

Leslie said...

My agenda? Getting caught up on my fav blogs...dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, grading papers (yes, another bunch), getting the garage door fixed since both our cars are stuck inside and the spring is broken...this may be the topic of a later blog post...we'll see. Have a happy day!

Amanda said...

How fun that you get to visit with a friend, and go to a conference at BYU. It sounds great.

Today I am determined to actually put away the several batches of laundry that I have folded. I went VT this morning, and did the dishes. What I really want to do is curl up in bed -out of the blasted rain- and read all day long.

Desi said...

Mother of the Wild Boys, do you have a blog? I tend to appreciate all of your comments here and would love to see your blog if you have one.

Anonymous said...

I had my madwoman day today. Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, grocery shopped, cooked, hosted. And now I'm done. I'm really done.

Get to work! And PUT the laundry AWAY this time! :)

Jill said...

My agenda, not much. I ran to the store and made a couple new headbands for Chani. I need to make dinner, and I just got a new book from the library I'm dying to get into.

Random thoughts? Check out my blog, I just posted one of them about recipe sharing, I need some serious help. I also hate teething, just had to get that out there, poor Chani got her first bottom two last week and is cutting two top ones now.

Julie said...

So, to avoid mad woman status today, we went to the park. Usually the park makes me a mad woman, but this one is spectacular. It was a sanity saver. Oh, and of course the excitement of tomorrow's visit! (Little girl screams here)
And last night was my laundry like a mad woman night. Only I haven't put that away yet...

Here's what's swirling in my brain today:
1) 3 different blog posts I'd like to get to
2) Putting away laundry
3) Getting house clean enough to leave it
4) Why the heck is Cheryl cleaning for me?

Anonymous said...

"Why the heck is Cheryl cleaning for me?"

Oooh, that Julie's a keeper!

FluffyChicky said...

Cheryl, you could come to my house and clean like a madwoman anytime! :) I'd let you.

Cheryl said...

Oh, how I love all of your swirling thoughts! It's nice to know I'm not the only crazy one out there.

Julie, I'm cleaning for you out of fear that you'll blog about my crazy-messy house and astounding lack of laundry talents. But I guess I blog about my crazy-messy house and my astounding lack of laundry talents, so there you go! It'll all work out.

Truth be told, though, I use people visiting as an excuse to clean! Without the excuse, I fight it. Not as badly as I did, say...5 years ago (or 4?), but I fight it still...

Unfortunately, the laundry is still not done, nor is it folded and put away. (hanging head in shame now)
I know! Why don't you come do it for me! Yes!

You are too kind. :) I'll remember that!

Teething is hard. Very hard. You have my empathy!

MoftheWB has a blog, but it's private...not sure how private, though...?