Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Final Three

Alrighty, people, we're down to three American Idol finalists. Not that you could tell with the lack of anything new.

Here's my quick take (because it's obvious how shorter my critique's are getting as time goes by):

David A.:
1st song: Beautiful. He was wise to do part of it a capella --that was cool! And he was spot on, pitch wise (he usually is).
2nd song: Simon was right on. David looked uncomfortable. When he said "my boo" I thought he said "your boob" and I was totally mortified! Yeah, this song was weird for him. Did not work.
3rd song: I LOVE THIS SONG. "Longer" has been one of my favorite songs since I was a small child, because it was one of my mother's favorite songs (it's from the 60's? 70's?) and I played it on the piano a lot (as a duet with my mom, too). I thought David did a good job, but if he had sung it straight (not so many runs), it would have been much prettier. I totally see why the producers picked it.

1st song: Fun and hip. But she smiles too much.
2nd song: Not too bad, but I'm tired of the sexy thing she has going on (especially since that's all she's working on --why doesn't she work on her smiling?).
3rd song: Better than the 2nd song, but not enough to push her into the finals. She was just "blah" to me this week.

David Cook:
1st song: AWESOME! Very impressed with his take on an old classic (sung by a female, no less!).
2nd song: Too copyish, and way out of tune. Hello, David! Sing in tune! It was pretty bad, people. Pretty bad.
3rd song: Very, very good. But it was too copyish for me, again. I kept thinking about Steven Tyler and his awesome microphone antics while David was singing...however, David was way better on his 2nd song!

Who should be voted off?

Who will be voted off?
Who cares at this point.

Who will win?
For 23 weeks, I've been saying that David Archuleta was going to win this entire thing. But you know what? David Cook might just beat him based on tonight. It's kind of close, people. Too close. Of course, Sayesha could stay, and then all my theories are shot...


Jamie J said...

I really liked tonight!

Julie said...

I am glad someone else noticed Cook's pitch problems tonight! I must've been in an alternate universe, because I loved Syesha's second song. And I hated Cook's third song. Did not like it for one little minute. But I loved his first song a lot. And I loved Archuletta's first song, too. Ooh, we'll have to hash and rehash this one tomorrow!

Susan M said...

Cook's gonna win it.

I couldn't believe it when he sang that Diane Warren song and then they showed her in the audience. Just completely verifies everything I don't like about him. :)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Maybe I'm just in a weird funk or something, but last night bored me to tears. By the time they get to the final 3, they're all pretty much guaranteed to have a successful career in one way or another anyway.

Lizzie said...

MOTWB - Amen! By the end of the show, I didn't care who gets voted off, they were all a big yawn. And maybe I was in an irritable mood last night, but they all bugged me at some point. David Cook sings everything the same way, it's like rocker-wannabe karoake. I already know how the song is going to go before he sings it. And David A is a white Mormon from Murray. He shouldn't be singing about his "boo" or his "shorty" or anything else he wouldn't say in real life. It's just stupid. And Syesha needs to cut out the choreography. It's so annoyingly staged I want to throw things at the tv. It's not American Broadway Idol. If it was, that'd be fine. If you can't just be yourself and comfortable on stage, you shouldn't be a singer. If you need direction, you're an actor.

Yeah, last night just totally had me jadded. American Idol? Bah humbug!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part about last night was seeing Murray City's Mayor Snar's(?) crazy mustache.

I still like David A.'s voice best, but I think he's one of those people you can hear breathing when they're just standing next to you and that kind of creeps me out.

Desi said...

Do you vote for your favorite or do you just watch and see? I have always loved reading your commentary the day after. Here's my two cents:

I like David A. because he is just so cute and I want to see him win because I think it's nice to see "good" people do well in life. But then the jaded side of me hopes he doesn't win because fame would probably just ruin him like it does most people.

I like Syesha because she seems to have such a great outlook on life and I love that she still smiles through it all (sorry). Plus when her hair is all curly it reminds me of my daughter so how can I not like her.

I didn't really like David C. for a long time but I have to admit that I thought he did the best of all of them last night. If the winner were chosen last night it should have been him.

Anonymous said...

Dude, it's not S-a-y-esha! S-Y! S-Y!!! There's no A! Well, OK, there's one A. There's only one A!!!

Cheryl said...

I never vote. I'm shameful that way. :)

Doh!! I always spell her name wrong!! What is wrong with me?! And to think I even posted about my spelling her name wrong... sheesh!