Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spotlight Sunday: Michelle

Spotlight Sunday is a weekly blog post dedicated to one person that has inspired me to be a better person. This will include people I have known all my life, met recently, and/or know only through blogging. If you want to be a part of Spotlight Sunday, then just be patient! I'll get to you, I promise. :)

Who is Michelle?
A daughter, wife, mother, teacher, organizer, friend and sister.

How do I know Michelle?
Well, it happened almost 25 years ago. Michelle was born in August of 1983, and I remember hiding on the staircase at a friend's house, listening to the grown-ups talk downstairs near the kitchen. I wasn't sure why we were there; I don't remember knowing why we were there, but I do remember someone noticing me after a few minutes. They came over to the stairs and told me that my mother had given birth to a little girl. They named her Michelle. And I loved her from the very beginning! She and I have two brothers, so it was just "us" growing up. Still, having a four year distance between us kind of kept us worlds apart. As I was dating, she was starting middle school. As I was going to college and getting married, she was embarking upon high school. But I think we always shared that special bond sisters share, regardless of age. When she decided to go to BYU (like her brilliant older sister did), it began four years of intense friendship; we grew closer than we ever had been before! Now we are both wives and mothers, and our relationship continues to ebb and flow (as sisters' relationships do, what with husbands, children, PMS, etc.), but I like to think we're still the best of friends.

What is it about Michelle that inspires me?
  1. Health and beauty: There's no doubt about it, Michelle got the looks in our family --the thin body, the elegant bone structure, the ability to eat like a horse, birth two children, and look like she did in high school (dang, it's not fair!). She has gorgeous eyes, thick hair, and beautiful skin (even though she thinks it's too pasty-white). She even looks amazing pregnant! I know these aren't necessarily things I can change about myself, but what I love about her health and beauty is that she hasn't let any of that affect the inside of her --she's as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She's not cocky, nor proud, and she really doesn't spend that much time or money on her beauty (gosh darn it). So, I can't hate her too much!
  2. Organization: She has always been amazingly organized. Amazingly! As a child, she would label our Barbie and doll collections; everything had a place. As a high school student, her notes were perfect and precise, her room flawlessly cleaned, and she knew where everything was at all times. As an adult, I'm sure she thinks her place is crazy-messy with two small boys, but you know what? Her place is organizational perfection --at least from my point of view. Seriously, she is awesome when it comes to making sure each item has a place and her home is clean and tidy. Her organization rocks!
  3. Creativity: Scrap booking (she's got good ones; not necessarily caught up, but they're still good!), card making (very cute!), cooking (uses new recipes often), cake decorating (you should see this one! and this one!), and crafting/projects --these are things she does well that I rarely think about doing. I admire her creative mind and her desire to do new things. Her home is an example of the things she does; it may be a modest place, but it sure is beautiful!
  4. Peacemaker: As kids, Michelle was always the one to stop the fighting. She hated contention and tried to make sure we would all get along. Her desire for peace in our home was a big factor in resolving conflict, but also moved over into areas of religious instruction. Serious! Michelle was the reason we started doing FHE again. She was adamant about our family doing it each week, and sometimes she would plan the whole thing. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one who convinced my parents to start family scripture study as well (although I think that one goes to the parental units). These things were what solidified her being dubbed "the favorite" in the family. As I told my brother once: "It's okay that we admit Michelle is the favorite, because she's every body's favorite!" Of course, now we can fight like the rest of 'em, but she's still the peacemaker in my mind.
  5. Teaching: Michelle got a double degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education at BYU. Although she doesn't teach school right now, I was lucky --so lucky! --enough to send #1 to the BYU preschool where Michelle was doing part of her internship. #1 got to have her aunt for 6 weeks of preschool! Wa-hoo! She did an amazing job, which shouldn't be surprising, what with her creativity, her patience, her organization, and her cute body. Okay, just kidding about the cute body part! But she was cute whilst-a-teaching, because she was 7 months pregnant at the time. Talk about amazing! Michelle was always my favorite babysitter because I knew she loved my kids, and I also knew she would use her teaching skills while she was with them, i.e. reading, crafts, playing, etc. She's really great with children and if she ever gets the chance to be a preschool or elementary teacher in the future, I know she'd do a great job! And regardless of what she thinks, I know she's a great mom, too. :)

I love you, Michelley-belly!


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I was lucky enough to be neighbors with Michelle. She's so awesome!

Dan and Michelle said...

Thanks for the flattery. I'm not very good at accepting such compliments, so I will just say Thank You and leave it at that. I love you too!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

PS- My DH, who is HORRIBLE with names, always referred to Michelle as "the Natalie Portman girl". She really is that pretty. :)

Amanda said...

Another great Sunday Spotlight, Cheryl. I'm on my way to check out Michelle now.

Aren't sisters great? I really miss the two that I am far from now.

Amber said...

Great spotlight. I would say your friend Michelle is my very antithesis. :-)

Lizzie said...

Wow, those cakes are amazing! I wish I knew how to do that sort of thing...
Cheryl, you ought to make your spotlights share with us all how they do the amazing things you highlight!

Tina said...

I was also Michelle's neighbor once (before she up and moved away)... I linked over here from her blog. It was a very nice spotlight, and very well deserved.

P.s. My daughter is the one (or perhaps one of many) that crushes on Josh. lol.

Julie said...

I just got caught up and read this! Beautiful! Michelle, I love your cakes -- I'm looking forward to doing some fun ones like that for my little boys (and big one!).

How much younger was Michelle than us? I don't remember going to high school together. Anyway -- inspiring! And wonderful that we can love our sisters so much.

Cheryl said...

Glad you stopped by!!

Michelle was in 8th grade when we were seniors. That's why you wouldn't remember her --but Big D, on the other hand... :)