Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spotlight Sunday: Lizzie

*Spotlight Sunday is a weekly blog post dedicated to one person that has inspired me to be a better person. This will include people I have known all my life, met recently, and/or know only through blogging. If you want to be a part of Spotlight Sunday, then just be patient! I'll get to you, I promise. :)

Who is Lizzie?
Lizzie is a wife, sister, mother, daughter, friend, actress, artist, and pregnant!

How do I know Lizzie?
Lizzie's husband, Wayne, worked with my husband, Brandon. They both worked at a home security company for about 3 1/2 years (this was before we moved to California). There was a group that would hang out together...we called ourselves the "Wive's Club". We would have park day, Girl's Night Out...not to mention a couple of company sponsored vacations. Lizzie was one of my favorites. Favorites! Besides the previous things, we've also had some couple dates/get-togethers, and Lizzie and I have had our fair share of awesome conversations. She's fabulous!

What is it about Lizzie that inspires me?

  1. Lizzie and Wayne had a little girl 3 years ago. Within her first year, they realized something wasn't quite right, and they discovered she had been born without hearing. I'm not sure about all the technicalities, nor of the implications (other than not being able to hear!), but you can read about it here. She was a candidate for a cochlear implant, and she's had that for a while now. When they found out, Lizzie, because she's just wonderful, signed up immediately for a sign language class. Even when it is hard to communicate with their daughter, Lizzie has been so positive and realistic about everything. It is what it is, and it's just a part of life. I love that attitude. It's inspiring because one could apply it to all of the unexpected situations we experience.
  2. Sharp as a tack, that Lizzie, and amazingly witty --she's always cracking jokes and saying the funniest things! Her sense of humor is the best! If anyone has noticed her comments on my posts, then you will know what I'm talking about. How can anyone help but love her sense of humor?
  3. Talents: Holy cow! This woman can do it all. Music, acting (she's an actress, did you know?), writing, other languages (okay, the sign language, but that counts!), painting (have you seen this wall?), and more. I'm sure there's more, because she's just that awesome. Lizzie, is there more?!? I'm so impressed.
  4. Friendship: Lizzie is such a sweet friend! She's been so good to stay in contact with us --and she's a faithful commenter on my blog. Yesterday, we spent a few hours with her and her family for her daughter's birthday party. It was so good to see them again! And even though she's only 4 weeks away from giving birth, Lizzie was the best hostess and threw a great party. Thank you, Liz! You are a great friend...
  5. Intelligent: She's smart, that Lizzie. No, really, she is! I enjoy her writing, her memory (gotta love that pop culture quotage!), and her pursuit of education (both in and out of school). She's so smart! Yes, Lizzie, you are, so stop trying to deny it...

You're the best, Lizzie!


Amber said...

I'm going to go check it out. And what a sweet spotlight...I love the idea of doing it weekly!

Julie said...

Lizzie, I love that wall! I need something fun for our little dude on the way, but I am not a great painter. Do you make house calls?!
Good luck with HSM3, too! I saw they just started shooting, hope you get your wish granted!
Cheryl, it's fun to get to know the people you love. Thanks for doing this every week!

Anonymous said...

Wow--love the nursery! Too cute and totally cool colors. Lucky baby!

If Cheryl loves you, you must be pretty awesome. We all know what good taste she has in friends. ;)

Wayne said...

Thanks Cheryl. You are very nice and very right!

Lizzie said...

Cheryl, you are too sweet! I should do a shout-out to you! I was so excited that you guys were moving back, expecially because the new baby on the way. I'll always remember you as the person who pointed out the leak-liner on diapers... we wouldn't have made it through that first baby year without you!
Oh, and Julie, I have no artistic capabilities. It's all about stenciling it on the wall and then sloooooooooow careful painting.

Amanda said...

Your spotlight Sundays are great. Thanks for sharing! I am on my way to "meet" Lizzie now.