Saturday, May 03, 2008

Raw Food and the Hard Rock Cafe

What, dear reader? What was that? You're just dying to know what we did last night for Date Night? Really? Well, I'd be happy to share our activities with you! What a nice request. You just can't get enough of me, eh? Okay, well, here we go:

Many of you know that Brandon works for a company called Mozy (which is now owned by EMC). Well, they have just launched a new Mac product. To announce this product, they had a fabulous party last night at the Hard Rock Cafe in Salt Lake City. Anyone and everyone was invited and welcome to attend --so we invited my sister (Michelle) and her husband. Our good friends, Ann and "B", were also planning on attending. Unfortunately, and thanks to my constantly sick children, my nephews got really sick. I'm sorry!! So, Michelle decided they'd better stay home (and it turns out they made the right decision, what with #1 getting worse last night. No fun, I tell ya'. No fun!). Changing our plans last minute, we agreed to meet Ann and B at this really, really cool restaurant before the Mozy party.

This restaurant is the only Raw Food Bar in Utah, and we were very curious to try it out. Ann and B had been there more than once and really loved it, so we figured it would be pretty good. You can read about the restaurant here. Omar himself seated us, took our order, and made our food. Can I just say WOW!? It was more than I expected, and the food was so good. So very, very good! Part of me knows, however, if we had tried this restaurant last summer, we probably wouldn't have liked it very much. Our palate has changed so much since then, and so we were ready to enjoy something green. Granted, he used a lot of olive oil, macadamia nuts, dates, etc., so the food had amazing, amazing flavor. We loved it!
[Tam and Bren? If you're reading this, the next time you come up to see us, we're taking you here! You will LOVE it!]

The Mozy party was awesome. They reserved the entire Hard Rock Cafe and had prizes (iPods, MacBooks, iTunes gift cards, etc.), free t-shirts, free food (tons and tons of food), free drinks, video games (Rock Band), live entertainment, and all kinds of great fun. We had invited my cousin and her friends to come, too, and they saved us the best table (right by all the desserts! And yes, I ate them! That's a key to weight loss --don't deprive yourself. But we'll talk about that later...). Because of all the food (and believe you, me, there was some amazing food!), we were very grateful we ate beforehand. (ooh! Another key to weight loss --be in control of your environment!) Anyway, we had a great time! It was a fab party.

Being the old folks we are, we were home by 10PM. But it was such a good night. It was fun to be out and about and I was excited for Brandon's company, too. Plus, how could it not be a good night, hanging out with Ann, B, and my cousin? I just wish my sister and BIL could have been there. We missed you, Michelle! Ah, well. Next time. Bonus points? Fab babysitter with good things to report. We'll have to use her again!

What did you do last night? Or what are you going to do tonight? Do you have Date Night?


Jamie J said...

We didn't have a date night last night. In fact Spencer crashed at 9:30 and I stayed up til 10:30 reading Eclipse. We do have date nights twice a month so we'll make up for it next week.

What a fun night for you guys though! So did you win any prizes??

Ann said...

So I'm assuming we didn't win any prizes, huh? Thanks for checking out tickets, though. Last night was pretty fun, wasn't it? I'm glad you guys had a good time, too!

Ann said...

I meant "checking OUR tickets"...sorry!

Cheryl said...

Nope. We didn't win anything, darn it!

Nope. You didn't win anything, darn it! We meant to call you last night (okay, Brandon told me to call you, but I got distracted and forgot) and tell you. It was sad. But yes, we had a great time! Thanks for the "date". :)

Anonymous said...

It's dinner and U2 3D IMAX tonight, baby! I'm not so sure about the 3D part, but it should be fun. Maybe I can tell you all about it on my blog on Monday. :)

Glad you had fun! Restaurant sounds interesting--I'd love to try it out sometime. (Yes, that's my attempt at soliciting an invitation from you for when our paths finally cross in UT.)

Leslie said...

We try to have date nights...I wrote about our 'date' from last night on my blog. I'm totally jealous of yours. I'm going to have to check out that Raw Food place the next time I'm in SLC. Awesome!

Susan M said...

No date nights here. Daniel comes home for lunch everyday, though, so who needs date night? :)

He was gone snowboarding overnight last night so I hung out with the boys and we watched movies and got chocolate shakes at a drive thru.

Courtney N said...

The party was awesome! Thanks for the invite and Im sure I'll be seeing you guys again soon.

p.s. I dont have a date night cause I don't have anyone to date... sad story huh?

Amanda said...

It sounds like fun! I'm glad that you were able to get out and have fun.

My parents are here, so we went to soccer practice, played games and watched the Jazz play.

Lizzie said...

"Date... Night"? Huh, I'm not sure I know what that phrase means. I have vague memory of those words being used, sometime before Lexie was born... Wait, is that where you snuggle on the couch and catch up on your Tivo before going to bed at 9pm?

Never A True Aggie said...

Salt Lake has a lot of good places to eat. I miss it a lot. I think in many ways it was on par with SF. I am glad you had a good time. Don was in NY this week, so my evening was spent watching Ice Age with the kids. Whoopee!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

We don't have dates out as much as we want to...but we do have nights alone after we've banished the kids to their room. We usually watch a movie together and cuddle.