Thursday, March 20, 2008

Whoah! America got it right!

Was I the only one completely satisfied with the fact that we didn't have to listen to Ryan saying: "You sang this....Randy said this...Paula said this...Simon said this...blah, blah, blah"??

So refreshing to just have it out! Bam! You're in. Bam! Bottom three. Totally threw me for a loop when Carly was in the bottom three. And Ramiele was not.

But when my top four guys (David, David, Michael, and Jason) and top girl (Brooke) made it in, I was satisfied. Almost. I found myself vying for Kristy Lee (it's the country in me) and Sayesha (her "Yesterday" performance was great). I even felt a twang of "I hope Chikizie makes it through!"

When Amanda was voted off, I was in shock. Not just because it was the right choice, but because she had been tagged on Votefortheworst dot com. Does this mean that those who love the show are voting more? Or are people not taking vote for the worst seriously anymore? Whatever the reason, hooray! Amanda is gone. Ramiele should be next, unless she pulls out something amazing next week. Which I doubt. Because she's so nervous.

Kelly Pickler sang last night; Eh. I'm not really a Pickler fan, and why would I be when we've got Carrie Underwood?

The Ford music video/commercial thing was lame. The making of part was better than the actual commercial. I like to see the contestants faces; not the cars, which, of course, goes against the entire purpose of the videos. Figures.

How do you feel about the outcome? Good? Bad?


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the results last night--my husband saw it in EST and filled me in (at my request, so I didn't have to fast forward to the end to see who got the ax). I'm not particularly sad to see Amanda go, but Ramiele or Kristy Lee or Syesha or Carly could have gone, and that would have been OK with me, too.

Stanton and Julie said...

Enjoyed the format last night. Didn't enjoy Kelly Pickler much.
Was surprised by the bottom 3, except Kristy.
Wished it was Ramielle going home.
Not sad Amanda's going home. Wondered if she'd cry about this or just brush it off and kick something.

The Wiz said...

I think there may be a lot of people who HATE VFTW and so vote accordingly. It could happen. Or maybe people really don't look at it anymore. I don't know. I look at it. I find it hilarious, but it doesn't influence how I vote.

When I do, I vote for Brooke, how could I not, being from Arizona and a Mormon? She's in, baby. Unless she sucks. Which she doesn't. But she can't dance. Sentence fragment. Sentence fragment.

Susan M said...

Someone over at commented that VFTW has a big ad on their front page now and it's probably driving people away from the site. I think they're right.

Cheryl said...

Interesting. I actually don't visit the site very often (votefortheworst), so I hadn't thought about logistics like that. Makes sense.

Stop making me laugh!

How dare you miss the results show! I'm not sure if that's allowed... :)

Can't remember her reaction. Did she cry?

Jamie J said...

I'm happy twice..because she went home and because VFTW actually didn't work! It kind of looked like Kristy had a little survivors guilt--I think she was convinced she was going home and I saw her turn around and Amanda say something like, "No I'm fine. It's okay." before Kristy walked off the stage.

Kelly Pickler was boring. She didn't even look like she was happy. I can't believe that she's touring with Rascal Flatts either. What's up with that?

Cheryl said...

Seriously! The only thing I like about Kelly Pickler was the song she sang live at the Country Music Awards in Nashville back...whenever it was; she totally cried and it was appropriate. Sounds weird, but it was good. Last night was lame, though.