Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beatles, again, AI? Really?

Oh, American Idol. Why did you do something so silly as two weeks of the same genre? Yes, the Beatles rock. For sure the Beatles are one of my favorite bands. Their music is fabulous! I agree. But two weeks? They are already having to choose from a very short list of songs, and now you make that list shorter by making them do it twice? How could you? They need some diversity, please! Oh, man, do they ever need some diversity...

Yeah, so I was disappointed in last night. On many levels. There were a few shining moments, and that was good, but the overall night just kind of left me stale:

Ryan Seacrest: First of all, why do I keep mentioning him!? He's not a contestant! Yet, I feel this need. Anyway, it looks like the producers of AI had a nice chat with Ryan; he was on his best behavior and did a good job. He even agreed with Simon. A lot. And the banter was all but gone. Very refreshing. Thank you, producers of AI!
Okay, the contestants (in no particular order because I just don't remember):
Amanda Overmeyer: Simon was right. Although I loved Amanda's retorts about what people would hear if they went to an "Amanda concert", I still had to agree that she is B-O-R-I-N-G. And out of tune. And just, well, not good enough. I can see her in the bottom three.
David Archuleta: I'm not sure why Randy thought he should have taken more liberty with the melody and added more runs...? David did an amazing job, but I didn't like all the extra runs. Maybe I'm just a purist. You know, like a nudist, but without the nakedness. Yeah, that didn't come out right at all. Anyway, David is back! Hallelujah!
Michael Johns: I loved this. His one high note was off; that bothered a little, but the overall song was fun! And I just love his voice. Always have. I think the judges were way too harsh on the poor guy. It was much better than their assessment.
Kristy Lee Cook: So much better than last week. So much better! Her low voice is beautiful, but too quiet (duh). So, I agreed with Randy when he said she needs to pull out the big notes more often, because that last note was awesome!
Carly Smithson: Eh. I really wanted to like it because I'm starting to like her a lot, but this just didn't do it for me. I'm not sure if it was because she sang it too quiet and then too loud, or if it was the melody? I just didn't like it.
David Cook: Agreed with Simon about the smugness and I didn't like the voice box thingy at all. I thought it was a harmonica at first, so I was confused at the sound (and lest you think I don't know what a voice box thingy is --yes, I said thingy --then I should remind you of my love for Bon Jovi. That is all.). I still loved the song; he just should have left the voice box out of it.
Brooke White: AHHH! Sit down and don't move, girl! You have no rhythm! And what's with wearing clothes you wear awkwardly because you know thousands of Mormons are looking for signs of your G's? Yeah, this one wasn't very good. However --however!--it sounded fantastic. I left the room (I couldn't watch her try to dance and move), and it was so much better. She actually sang the song very, very well.
Jason Castro: I wanted to reach out, smack him on the head and say "Stop being so nervous! Just sing the dang song!" because at the end, when he was singing "I want you, I want you, I wa-a-a-nt you!" it was fabulous. But the beginning was like he was saying "yeah, this song is new, I'm not sure what I'm doing, but hey! I'll try!" Jason, Jason, Jason. ~sigh~
Sayesha Mercado: Loved 95% of it. It was so raw, so believable, so beautiful. But those weird high notes? Eh. She should have kept the melody there, for sure. Loved that she sat down and the guitar accompaniment was awesome. She definitely redeemed herself in my eyes. Just wish she didn't feel the need to show her cleavage (hello!?) for votes. Man, that was some cleavage. Yes, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a tad jealous. And annoyed. Maybe because of the jealousy...? Moving on!
Chikizie: Didn't like it. He should have either done it fast or slow. I would have chosen slow this week. Harmonica? What the? Yeah, that wasn't so good, although I have to give him props for trying.
Ramiele Malubay: Boring. So very, very boring. It's like she sings everything with this angst and drama woven throughout it. Her voice is beautiful! It really is! But she needs to stop trying so hard. I think. Yeah, not sure how she can fix that...Bottom three this week.

The other thing that was awkward was the honesty in which some of the contestants had whilst bantering with the judges. Brooke was a little too honest, although finally! Someone told the audience to be respectful of the judges! Thank you, Brooke! Just, Brooke? Stop being so honest. It's going to get annoying after a while...
Kristy Lee was hilarious when she told Simon: "You know I can knock your socks off!" Of course, then it got awkward when they all turned it into an innuendo. Come on, guys. Grow up.
Amanda's banter was the best (already mentioned it).

Who should go home this week?
Amanda or Ramiele

Who will go home this week?
Well, golly, now I have no idea. Last week rocked my rhythm, what with the right person going home and all. So, we'll just have to wait and see.

What did you think?


Stanton and Julie said...

I agree for the most part, as usual. But instead of using your comment section for my novel, I wrote my own review on my own site! Aren't you proud of me! It's wayyyyy tooo lonnnnng, though!

Stanton and Julie said...

Oh, and I have to disagree with only one thing --- there is a HUGE assortment of songs to choose from in that songbook. They really could do another coupl of weeks before running out of great cover material, but the contestants DID really stink it up last night.

Cheryl said...

No, but Julie, the contestants don't get to choose any song they want. They have to choose from a very limited list that has been approved by the producers. That leaves for very short lists. But even if they got to choose any song they wanted, I would get bored quickly of the same genre. I want to see them singing all kinds of different styles and genres. Each contestant is different and they should all have a chance to show their strengths through different types of music.

Btw, I read your review and I think you are smart. Because we think a lot the same. :) Ha! :)

Cristy said...

Wow, Simon was really negative yesterday! Don't get me wrong, I thought a lot of the performances were really mediocre, but it seemed as if Simon had decided to just give everybody bad feedback no matter what. Gimmicky!

LAHansen said...

Oh how I wish I could actually make a decent comment here...but I can never watch usually falls during my weekly prim. pres. meeting...and I don't have TiVo or DVR or anything cool like that...but I'm still pulling for that cute David Archuleta :)

Anonymous said...

I only liked the Davids and Michael Johns. I couldn't get past Brooke's freakish dancing and cheesy sunny yellow dress and I love her. Jason Castro was really boring, too--I thought he could have done a lot more with that--he came off kinda cheesy, too, and dorky. I got tired of Amanda a couple of weeks ago. Kristy started out OK, but then she lost me. I'm not a Carly or Sayesha fan. The harmonica/hoe down thing did not work for Chikizie and I think Ramiele was a snooze fest, too. They're all great singers, but there's definitely a lot lacking in the performance area.

Jessica said...

I totally agree with most of what you wrote, but I have to disagree about Chikeze. I loved it! Mostly because he has so much energy and I was completely entertained, even though I will admit the performance was messy and all over the place. Yet I was still totally entertained and I loved how it showed his range of styles. He can do the Luther Vandross thing, the Taylor Hicks thing, as well as just rock. I used to be completely bored with him (he seemed pretty "forgettable" as Simon would say), but he is a lot more lively lately, and I really like it. He does have to be careful to not go too over-the-top though.
Other than that, I have to agree with you. The awkward dancing of Brooke, yikes! And I was totally one those people wondering if she was wearing the G's. :)

Sara said...

I did the same thing-- listened to Brook w/ my eyes closed and she sounded great. She's just so loveable, though. I'm pretty sure she'll stay. Do you think she had garments under that dress? I kind of doubt it because it was pretty see-through. Do you know if David A. is LDS too?
I had to also close my eyes during Carly's performance. She sounded great but I don't like watching her perform. She does weird things w/ her mouth and eyes!

Cheryl said...

Yes, David A. is LDS...

Amanda said...

I don't watch A.I. but I would be up for a B.L. discussion! :)

Anonymous said...

It'll either be Kristy or Amanda leaving tonight, but if is accurate, it will more likely be Kristy. Hurray for David A. doing well--such a relief. I can't wait for the itunes top 100 songs theme. He can finally sing something current!


Cheryl said...

BL was awesome last night, Amanda! I stayed up an extra hour to fast forward through it (commercials, etc. the boring waiting parts, etc. ).

I love, love, love make-over night! And having Tim Gunn there?! Awesome!!

I'm sad Brittany left, though. She was kind of a stinker, but she worked so hard and it had to be so frustrating to work so hard only to lose 2 pounds week after week.

Who's your favorite to win?

Jamie J said...

Yes Ryan was nice this week, wasn't he? That was refreshing. Amanda--totally boring. David A.--really did a good job I thought. I'm a purist too. Michael--loved it too. Kristy--Better than last week, yes, but just an eh performer in my opinion. Carly--I agree with you. David C.--was great again but yeah, the voice box thing...didn't like so much. He totally had me until he pulled that out, then I was like, what did he just do?? Brooke--has a beautiful pure voice but it was the wrong song for her to sing. Jason--I agree too. Sayesha--I didn't like actually. I don't really like her anyway. Chikizie--was WAY all over the place. What was up with that?? Changing from slow to country twang?? Didn't work. And Ramiele--so boring indeed. She needs to go.

I was looking forward to more Beatles songs, but it just wasn't good last nigh. Hopefully next week will be better...

Katie said...

I am so glad that you took a break from packing for your weekly AI report. I love it! I agree with you. Ryan was much better behaved. He still bothers me though. Brooke. Why oh why. Don't move. Just stand at a microphone, hold it and sing. Her little "Whoo" thing threw me off and the outfit was not good. Not just the G thing, but it hung weird. I think she was uncomfortable with everything, dress, song, movement and it showed. Hopefully next week she will hit it out of the park. She does sound amazing. David A., I am getting a little bored with. Like, I don't know what to do with him. I like the aussie guy. I thought the song choice was weird and not a good showcase, or at least the arrangment, but at least he is original. The rocker dude, I thought the voicebox was weird. Although, it looked like he was having a good time and that was nice to see. Chikezie (?), what was that? I loved last week, but this week...don't play anything if you don't know how to do it. The others were more or less forgetable to me. The rocker/highlight girl is not as strong, although I like how she is different and there is more of spectrum this year in the talent department. You have to give it to that Chris Daughtry guy. I think he really helped change the sound of AI. Sorry for all the misspellings. I am late for cubs, but this was more fun.

Susan M said...

I'll be kinda surprised if Amanda goes home soon. She's getting the endorsement.

Which is good because I like her a lot more than most of the other stinkers this season.

I couldn't believe the song choices last night. I've wondered how limited they are.

As for people being disrespectful of the judges, I've been to a live taping of Dancing With the Stars, and the producers tell you to make as much noise as possible. Cheer AND boo.

Amanda said...

I was disappointed that Brittany went home too! She is whiny, but Jay and Mark bother me to no end. And, I couldn't figure out why Ali voted for Brittany. The guys are going to get their way and have all the women gone!

I am really rooting for Kelly. I don't know why. Who are you hoping for?

Make-over night was good. Dan looks about 1,000 times better with his hair cut!

Cheryl said...

I'm also vying for Kelly. She's just tried so hard; and it's been such an emotional rollercoaster for her!

Alli? Well, I'm not sure after she voted for Brittany. I don't know why she did that, either. I'm glad they brought her and Mark back, but it's annoying to see her take the game over like she is, you know?

I love Dan's hair, too! Much, much, much better.