Monday, March 03, 2008


My brother is home. Hooray!

Our kids are thrilled to be moving to Provo; they can't wait.

Last night, I finally watched last week's episode of Lost. I love Desmond! He's one of the reasons I watch Lost. Not sure if it's because he's got the coolest experiences, or if it's because of his Scottish brogue. Either way, he's hot stuff!

And people? I appreciate all of your kind comments, seeing as I could have greatly insulted many with my last post. Thank you for being so understanding with me and my feelings, especially since I'm still trying to sort mine out. Your patience and kindness really mean a lot, so thank you!


Summer said...

Yay for your brother getting home safe!

And I so dig a Scottish accent. Even better when it's on a good lookin' dude like Desmond. He's my favorite character. Not only for those two reasons of course. :)

rick & cheryl said...

Hey Cheryl. You probably don't rem'ber me. We met at Ricks in a social dance class ( I know random). I saw a very sensible comment you made on Mormon Mommy Wars and thought, who is this clever woman w/ a great name...and found your blog and recognized you. Anyway, thought I'd say hi and you have an adorable family. You can shoot me an email or whatever ( And yes, LOST is awesome!

bythelbs said...

Desmond rocks. It's the accent. And the hair. I'm not usually a long-hair on a man lovin' kind of gal, but it works for him. AND he's a good person. He's definitely got the coolest storyline, too.

Enjoy your brother!

Hillary said...

Yay for good stuff!

brenbot said...

Agreed. I love Desmond. He is my favorite.