Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spotlight Sunday: Jamie J

*Spotlight Sunday is a weekly blog post dedicated to one person that has inspired me to be a better person. This will include people I have known all my life, met recently, and/or know only through blogging. If you want to be a part of Spotlight Sunday, then just be patient! I'll get to you, I promise. :)

Who is Jamie J?
Jamie is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, baker, reader, maker, and friend!

How do I know Jamie J?
I had seen Jamie's comments on community blogs for a while, but it wasn't until Jamie started leaving comments on my blog that I really noticed her writing (and her blog!). Jamie left a comment or two on my blog, I reciprocated, and we've been blogging buddies ever since! We've gotten to know each other better by exchanging emails over this last year (has it been a year?), and she once even sent me a really cool gift! So, even though we've never met, I guess you could say we are friends.

What is it about Jamie J that inspires me?

  1. Her creativity! When I first "met" Jamie, it was all about baking bread (sorry, no link. Jamie, did you take down your bread blog?). Then it was all about sewing. And more sewing. I love her desire to constantly be creating something! She talks about it here, which brings me to my next point...
  2. Her strength in the face of adversity. Jamie has been dealt a really hard blow this last year; she and her husband have had to face two separate miscarriages within the span of 6 months. Not only does this suck just because it sucks, but having gone through a miscarriage myself, I understand what it can do to a person's resolve, perspective, and spiritual reserve. I find Jamie's ability to mourn admirable; her ability to move on strengthening; and her ability to face it amazing. She may not think she's very strong, but I sure do.
  3. She's hilarious! I like her sense of humor. She's got the best quotes, the funniest videos, and the best stories on her blog. I like how she sees the humor in the mundane and the crazy parts of her life (like babysitting for family members for weeks at a time!).
  4. Her kindness. I mean, she sent me a gift, didn't she? An unsolicited (sort of) gift that she made by hand for me. Plus her comments are always sweet and sincere. And you can tell through her writing that she's compassionate --I love this about her. She's fabulous!
  5. She's got great taste in pop culture! Of course, this is obvious when she comments on my American Idol posts. But she and I seem to share similar tastes when it comes to all things media. This inspires me to keep watching my awesome shows. Because Jamie likes them. And if Jamie likes them, then, by golly, why shouldn't I? :)

Hooray for Jamie!


Jamie J said...

Ah, I don't deserve this! I can't believe you spotlighted me! Thank you...Was is really bread that brought us together?? I didn't take it down, just off my blog list since I stopped posting on it. I don't make bread as much any more. Now I like to knit. :) I'm making my first cable scarf right now.

You're hilarious in #5. Of course you should keep watching them. I am , after all, the authority when it comes to good shows, ya right! LOL

Thank you for your kind words. You made my day.

Cheryl said...

Not sure if it was the bread, per say, but hey, whatever works!

Glad I made your day, though. :)

Cheryl said...
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Janelle said...

I need a sewing friend. And a bread making friend or a knitting friend. But that friend should never ask me to do these things, just let me gaze in wonder at her talent.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm perfectly content watching and being impressed by other people's talents. Yeah for Jamie!