Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lots o' stuff

I've got so many posts in my head, that I think I'm going to go crazy before too long. I'm already planning on posting about what I eat every day (since so many people have asked) and what I've done to lose my 34 pounds. No, I don't cheat! :)

Also, prompted by the debate over at MMW, I've decided to do some fab research and do a post on how the P&P movies (just the A&E and the KK one) differ from the timeless book.

So, stay tuned for those. I'll get to them one of these days...
Our landlord people told us that somebody was coming to look at the house yesterday. So, I cleaned like a mad-woman. The place looked great; the "lookers" never showed. I was annoyed. But glad for a clean house! Makes me want to start packing...hmmm...
We've been asked to speak in Church our last Sunday here (which, for all you curious folks out there, is March 30th), and frankly, I'm glad. Most people hate to speak in church, but I really like it. Yes, dear reader, you are thinking it's because I love to talk. I love to talk and I love to hear people listening to me. As accurate as that thinking may be, it's also because I love the process. We are given a topic. We must research said topic, and then pray to know what we should say. One never knows who might be listening --it it a new member? An investigator? A frazzled SAHM on her last rope? A frustrated widower almost too tired to come? A youth trying to decide about a mission? I love this challenge. Plus, the process really makes me grow. I know, it's an old, old, old cliche, but when I "teach", I learn the most. 'Tis true!

But, poor Brandon. He was asked to speak this Sunday as part of the YM Presidency. But they still want to hear him on the 30th, too. So sad! He must have a lot to learn. :)

I decided to watch the boys again last night. Hey! My kids wanted to watch them. And I have TiVo! It's not my fault that the thing makes TV watching so accessible and ridiculously easy. I blame the fancy 30-second fast-forward button.
Anyway, so I watched the boys again last night, and I had some second thoughts about a few of them. David Hernandez wasn't as good as I had previously thought and Chikezie was better than I had thought. Everyone else stayed the same, although I'm glad for Julie A.'s comment in my last post --Jason Castro's breath thing at the end was actually okay; it was his reaction that ruined it. For sure. Live and learn, Jason! Live and learn.

Okay, onto the Girls:
For the 3rd week in a row, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. They just aren't as good as the guys. And all their names are so hard to spell! What is up with that?! Anyway, here's my take:
Asia'h Epperson: She has a powerful voice, but every time I hear her, she sounds like she's lost her voice --it's that raspy sound at the end of her licks that bug me. It probably works for some, but not me. Oh, and she's too perky when she sings. Not "fun" perky, just "are you okay?" perky.
Kady Malloy: I agreed with Simon completely. She's so cute off stage, but then she sings like a robot --there's no emotion at all. It's boring. Very, very boring. And what's sad is she has a voice that could take her really far.
Carly Smithson: I actually liked this performance of hers. Usually she bugs me, but I was really impressed with her last night. I disagree with Simon --I thought the song choice was spot on.
Amanda Overmyer: It was good; but I'm sick of her rocker voice. Every song sounds the same. I tried to figure out what I don't like about that, and I thought about Shania Twain. Sure, she sounds good on a few songs, but if I hear more than one, I want to impale myself. It's just so boring.
Brooke White: Loved it. She doesn't have a powerful voice, but she reminds me of Jason Castro --totally folksy but desperately sincere. I love that. LOVE that!
Kristy Lee Cook: I finally figured out why I hate her stage presence. She has bow legs! Makes sense for a Barrel Racer. Anyway, she did pretty good; I loved the country twang she gave the Journey song. Didn't make me excited, but it was okay.
Ramiele Malubay: I want to like this girl. I really do. She has a beautiful voice; strong and clear. But she's trying too hard. She picks songs that are so big, it's easy to fall short. I would love to see her sing something sweet; or something perky. But not Asia'h perky.
Syesha Mercado: I hate her vibrato, but other than that, not half bad. I thought it was funny that they had run out of time, so all she got was "Good. Good. and Good." from the judges. Poor girl, not really fair, that one!


Biff said...

Two comments:

First, Weight Watchers. Cheryl will talk about what we eat, but as a guy, here's two reason I love it. I'm online a lot, either at work or at home. I use the online tools and track all my eating online. Easy. The second reason is that I can eat whatever I want. Although I've lost 44 pounds since July, about 90% of those days, I finished the day by having a bowl of ice cream with whipped cream on it and a half of a dozen PB M&Ms (my favorite). Serious. Now, the ice cream was low-fat, and lately I've switched to frozen yogurt so I can have a cup and a half, rather than just a cup. The whipped cream is non-fat. And if I've saved a few points during the day, I REALLY treat myself with a tablespoon of peanut butter... I look forward to my nightly treat more than anything else. I've lost 44 pounds and had ICE CREAM almost EVERY NIGHT!!! Crazy.

Second item. Tivo. Ours is a DirecTV Tivo receiver. For those that have the same thing, Cheryl mentioned the 30-second skip button. This is not a native feature, but an "easter egg". If you press "SELECT","PLAY","SELECT","3","0","SELECT" you will hear three DINGS
Now, whenever you press the SKIP button (below and to the right of the SLOW button), it will skip forward 30 seconds. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I definitely liked Brooke best last night. And I totally agree about Amanda--I told my husband last night that her voice was just getting old to me. I just can't get excited about any of these girls. Oh well.

I'll look forward to your weight loss post--share all your secrets! I'm digging the idea of Biff's nightly ice cream treat--I think you must have a way of making yourself not feel deprived for any real long term weight loss success.

Jamie J said...

Two weeks in a row I loved Brooke! I also really like Carly Smithson this week. I think she chose a perfect song for her. The others I pretty much agree with you :) The girls just aren't very good this year *sigh*

Cristy said...

Kady is such a let down for me! I thought she was going to rock this competition, but she has chosen THE WORST songs! She is way cute (by the way, she kind of looks like you and your girls!) but really needs to pick better songs. I love the Phillipino girl!

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

Love love that cartoon with the woman and scale on her back!!! :)

Hillary said...

Ugh! I hate speaking in church! I'm glad somebody likes it!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say I like speaking in church. I'd say I don't mind it as much as I used to. I do kind of like writing talks. I wish I could write the talks and have someone else give them. Maybe my husband. He likes to talk. But he also likes to use his own material.

It's highly unlikely I'll ever speak in our ward. Our ward is just huge, huge, huge, and I really blend into the woodwork. We've been here four years, and I doubt anyone's even thought about asking me to speak in church. They tend to get people right before they move, though, and since I'm never moving again, I figure I will never speak in church again. :)

Stanton and Julie said...

I agree on your AI girl rundown. The only one I find to be unique, likeable, talented, and viable as an actual recording artist is Brooke White. I'd say of all the "Mormons" on AI over the years, Brooke & David A. are the most talented and deserving of the Mormon vote. Anyway, all the rest of the girls are...predictable, boring, and marginal. Sad but true.

I have to totally agree with you on the speaking in church. It's really bizarre to stand up there and not be able to say with any truth that I am unhappy to be there. I love my RS teacher calling for the same reason. As a mom of little'ns I find it such a blessing to be forced to really study well at least once a month.