Wednesday, March 05, 2008

AI, BL, and WL

AI (American Idol)
Among my many, many quirks, one of them brings me much satisfaction. What is that quirk, you ask? Well, dear reader, it is my ability to enjoy music. And not just any music! Many, many kinds of music.
For example (I like examples): Yesterday morning, after an intense work-out with the ever-inspirational Lanette, I relished in the sounds of Sissel and Bryn Terfel as they sang Ave Maria.
Later, whilst driving my children do various activities, I had the Country music cranked up nice and loud on my radio. Then, last night, on my way home from my weigh-in, I belted out the rockin' sounds of Aerosmith's Amazing.
Why am I telling you this? Because last night's American Idol performances made me so happy! And it showed all kinds of music. Paula said it best when she gushed about the participants being so different and unique. They are! And I love it! Here are my thoughts about the boys and their best night so far:
Luke Menard: Eh. It was okay. I didn't really like it, but I did love his falsetto. It was right on.
David Archuleta: Not as good as last week, but still pretty awesome. This guy is gonna go far!
Danny Noriega: I had to agree with Simon. I'm not sure why, but his dancing freaked me out. I love his voice, just not his...dancing, I guess. He seems fake to me.
Michael Johns: LOVED IT! Brandon thought it was just a good copy --sounding just like the original, and he's right. I'm thinking that's why I liked it so much. I love the original!
David Hernandez: It was kind of cheesy, but I really like this guy's voice. A lot.
David Cook: Awesome. AWE. SOME! I just loved that he took a Lionel Richie song and rocked it out. It was so cool!
Jason Castro: Up until his crazy I-ran-out-of-breath-and-totally-know-it ending, I really, really loved it. And what's up with the judges not mentioning that? Weird. Anyway, he's so unique and different. I've liked him since the beginning. Still not sure why; he doesn't have a powerful voice --perhaps that's why? I like his style?
Chikezie: I really liked his performance last night. I disagree with Simon --I think it was his best performance so far. He's not my favorite, but I've got respect for him because he really is a great singer.
BL (Biggest Loser)
Good episode. I loved the challenge they had to do! Zipping across a ravine would be kind of scary, but like Brittany said last night, I would be all hyped up on adrenaline, too.

I was very sad that Bernie was voted off. Those lousy boys! I was kind of hoping Kelly would go just because Bernie and Brittany were the last of the "couples." Plus, Bernie's super nice!

I love watching this show because it's so inspirational! It gives me ideas on my own personal weight loss journey, plus it helps to keep me thinking about it. Any bit helps!
WL (Weight Loss)
Total Weight Loss for Week Whatever:
Brandon: 44.4 pounds
Cheryl: 34 pounds

I am 3.2 pounds away from goal weight! Boo-yah! But get this --Brandon is only 1 pound away from goal weight!! ONE POUND! I'm so proud of my man. He works dang hard at this, and I know he's going to make it. I'm right behind him.

Ooh! Speaking of weight loss, Jolene over at Jo-Jo's Circus has lost 20 pounds! She's rewarding herself for reaching her first weight-loss goal, and she needs help deciding on the reward. Go help her out!


Rhea said...

Adorable children! Also, congrats on the weight loss.

Jolene said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love Biggest Loser too! I can't imagine being away from my family for that long. Do you remember Betty Sue - the mom from the pink team? She is in my brother's ward here in Mesa. She has given us all of the secrets that we never see on t.v. Like how much they talked about religion and other personal things. I wish I had a gym like that in my back yard!

rick & cheryl said...

Way to go on the weightloss! I am impressed. You will have to give me some pointers! Keep up the good work, you are almost there! I love BL, too.

bythelbs said...

I think I basically agree with your assessments. My favorite for the night was definitely David Cook. As Simon said, "Lllloved it!" Jason Castro was second for me--I'm with you on that last little bit on the end, though--I was like what happened there? David A. was not as good as last week, but he's still amazing. I would not be surprised if he won the whole thing. Based on last night's performances, I think Luke should go home and also Danny for that totally creepy dancing. And was it just me or was Paula kinda wacko last night? I mean she's always kinda wacko, but she seemed especially out of it--it was like she was just babbling on hoping the words she was searching for would eventually spill out with all the other craziness she was saying. She is very sweet, though, and entertaining!

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm feeling inspired to get my last 10-15 lbs off. I'll have to get all the details of what you're doing sometime. I'm guessing it does not include the Doritos, cookie dough and half loaf of french bread I had yesterday. sigh.

Stanton and Julie said...

I always have to weigh in the American Idol-ness. I LOVED LOVED LOVED last night! I think David H. & Luke should go home. My two homeruns of the night were David Cook (a-mazing)and Jason Castro. I wish he wouldn't have made the "I just ran out of breath" face because it was lyrically perfect. He should have just acted like it was meant to be that way because that phrasing (I hate when Paula uses my words) was absolute perfection at the end, even if he didn't mean to do it. Still loved David A. and Michael, as usual, but I hope this week woke them up a little that there are some other guys that are extremely capable of kicking booty. This was seriously the best week of AI in a lot of seasons. I was thrilled.

madhousewife said...

Congratulations on the weight loss!

Unfortunately, I don't watch American Idol. I feel like I'm missing out sometimes.

madhousewife said...

P.S. Thanks for your comment!

Amanda said...

I was kind of sad to see Bernie go but I was so HAPPY to see Kelly stay. I don't know why but I am rooting for her. What is with those guys those? Tattoos, matching facial hair. Ick.

Congrats on the loss! I hope to be where you are before too long!

Cristy said...

So I'm predicting that Jason and Jacuzzi (heh) are going home. Adios! On to the top 12!

Jamie J said...

I loved David Cook! One of my favorite performances ever! I thought the guys did really well last night and I'm excited to see what the girls do tonight! I love american idol season!!

Janelle said...

David Cook may need to embrace his receding hairline a little better before he gets my vote. He's got a Squiggy thing from Laverne and Shirley goin on. I may like a comb over more than a comb forward.

But I do enjoy Michael Johns quite a little bit.

bythelbs said...

Sqiggy-ha! Love it!

LAHansen said...

You are so awesome! Go Cheryl &'re for sure not "loosers" in any way but the weight way...good luck!!!