Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I can't believe he forgot the words!

I was greatly impressed with AI last night. The new stage is incredible, the new icon/logo is pretty smooth, and the performers did a top-notch job. Well, most of them did a top-notch job.

Here is my run-down of everyone (I can't remember the order of the singers, so pretend they are in the order they sang):
Ryan Seacrest: Am I wrong, or was he completely high last night? He acted so strange! So hyper! Usually I like Ryan. I don't like his attempts at verbal barrage with Simon very much, but I have to say he's a great speaker and a good host. But last night I felt the awkwardness and I wanted to reach out and smack him upside the head.

Syesha Mercado: Agreed with the judges. She's a very good singer --but she was way too nervous last night. I'm not sure what to make of her at this point. She has the confidence, but it seems a little forced. Ooh! Like she's acting or something. Makes sense, since she's an actress and all...
Chikezie: I sat there with my mouth hanging open. Wha!? I was so surprised, but in a good way; he walked a fine line, though. It could have very easily gone the way of "psycho", but luckily for him it worked well.
Ramiele Malubay: Beautiful song, beautiful voice. If she had sat down on the stage or stood in front of the mike the entire time and just let her voice do the work, it would have been amazing. But she made the mistake of trying to walk around the stage --and it ruined the song.
Carly Smithson: Awesome. I want to hate this girl so much (not sure why. I think it's the arrogance she had in the beginning? Or the hype? Maybe I'm jealous of her Irish brogue? Yeah, it's totally the accent. Jealous!), but I can't help but love her more every week. She nailed the song, too. Nailed it!
David Cook: Hooray for David Cook! I love, love, love his style so much! He's so fun to watch (yes, I'm even liking the big mouth) and his voice is Is that the right word?
Amanda Overmyer: Eh. It was okay. I loved that she smiled more and her hair looks tons better with the streaks being more gold than white. She looked more comfortable, too. But, she's a one-trick pony. But I thought about this some more. David Cook and Brooke White are one-trick ponies, so why don't I find them boring? I decided it must be just difference in taste. I'm not really a Janis Joplin fan, so that might be why I'm not an Amanda Overmyer fan.
Brooke White: Fabulous. I love how they are comparing her to Carly Simon. I would also say she's like Carol King. Brooke is just consistently hitting the mark. She has confidence and shines in her niche. I love this girl! (her high morals may also have something to do with my strong opinion. I'll admit it. I have hated each girl that has used their sexuality to get votes throughout the history of AI. I don't care if they are beautiful. I don't care if they are sexy. If you can't sing, then what are you doing in the competition? Have they no shame? Okay, rant over. )
David Hernandez: Ewww. I liked him for about 2 weeks. I got over him last week, and last night was just...just...well, let's just say he's not my favorite. And I hate his vibrato. And his diction.
Jason Castro: Not as good as last week (agreeing with the judges here), but still pretty cool. I just like him. Even his weird facial expressions. I just dig this guy!
Michael Johns: I was sad at the judges' reactions --I thought it was better than their assessment. I really like Michael a lot --and yes. His Australian accent may have something to do with it. ~heehee~ But he does have a great voice --I'm still excited over his performance from last week. I really hope he's around for a long time...
Kristy Lee Cook: I could horse-whip that stupid drummer!!! The band started way too fast, and the singers and guitar people realized it --and they followed Kristy, or at least tried to, but the drummer?!?!? What was going on!? The beat was way too fast and it wasn't Kristy's fault. I thought her performance was really cool, but it fell apart because the stupid drummer! AHHHH!!! And yes, I have expertise in this area. After all, I was a percussionist in high school. (okay, it was just the pit. Whatever.)
David Archuleta: Another AHHHHHHHH!HHHH!HH!H!H!H!HH!H! What the?!? He forgot the words. HE FORGOT THE WORDS! You can't do that, David! You can't, you can't, you can't! I don't care if you've never sung the Beatles before, you can't forget the words! What's sad is it showed his one huge flaw: unless he's had years to practice certain songs, he might not do so well. Learning a new song each week is hard --very hard --but you have to know how to do it in AI. You have to, or you lose. Dang, I was so upset. I just covered my head with the throw pillow and waited until he was done singing. And then I felt so bad for the kid. He knew he didn't do very well, poor guy...

Random Stuff:
  • People are talking about the video showing David Archuleta's dad in his garment top. If you didn't see it, don't worry. It looked like he was in a T-shirt and it was very brief; an old home-video. I figured most people didn't even notice, but I guess I was wrong...
  • I like Simon even more this season. Paula was not as drunk last night and said some intelligent things, which surprised me. Randy seems to be disappointed in a lot of people this year. I wonder what's going on in his personal life to make him
  • Someone at Nine Moons (link on "talking about") mentioned how Ryan was flirting with Brooke. Did you notice that? I sure did, and boy you could sense Brooke's uncomfortable vibe immediately. Ah, Brooke! I love you, girl!
Who do I think should get voted off?
David Hernandez. There are too many Davids.

Who do I think will get voted off?
Probably David Archuleta, just because he should stay the most. Kristy Lee has the country fan-base, so she'll probably pull through. But really, I never know. All those people who vote (yeah, I'm still not one of those, yet) end up doing weird things.

Back to the grind. I had to get spit this out before the next round of craziness hits. I will hopefully have some amazing anecdotes about my week by tonight. Maybe. Well, I'll try!


Anonymous said...

I liked David Cook, Brooke, Jason, Chikezie and Michael. Ramiele has a beautiful voice, but she's boring. Same for Syesha. Amanda was OK, but I'm getting bored of her, too. David H.--double ewwww. Kristy Lee--totally agree--the song was waaaay too fast and she seemed out of breath trying to keep up with it--plus, it was a little too over the top country twang for me. I'm just not a Carly fan for some reason. I felt bad for David A., but dude, you can't forget the lyrics--I'm surprised they didn't slam him more for that.

David H. should go this week for sure, which, in the AI alternate reality, means he'll be around for a couple more weeks.

My husband said "Is that guy wearing garments?" during David's video--I didn't even notice.

Ryan was trying too hard to get Simon's goat last night--it was obnoxious.

Hope you have a good day!

The Wiz said...

Kristy Lee will go home. That was a mess. I wish David Hernandez would leave, and he probably will next week.

I think Archuleta has a strong enough fan base to keep him on, but he just fell off his pedestal as the golden child. You can NOT forget the words and look that uncomfortable and then expect everyone to love you.

The Wiz said...

Oh and Brooke was awesome, as usual. Can't forget that.

Stanton and Julie said...

I just had to get on here and see what you thought about last night!!! I loved Chikezie! I too just sat there with my mouth wide open amazed that he had grown that much in a week. I loved his performance. I was in general pretty pleased with the arrangements and performances of the greatest music ever written. It was mostly, I think, a tribute to the perfection of the songs themselves. I was more impressed with Carly this week than ever before, although she's still not my favorite. Brooke blew me away for 3 weeks running and I really enjoyed Jason C., David C. & Michael again. I was so disappointed in David A. and it wasn't just forgetting the words. I could just tell he wasn't excited about the music and thought the only way he could get through it was to do a Stevie Wonder cover, which isn't remotely as great as the original. I love this kid, but he fell from grace for me when he admitted he didn't know or like the Beatles. How can you really call yourself a musician and not recognize what these guys have done for music. I mean, it's the classical music of our time. I really think my children's children's children will be studying Lennon-McCartney in their music classes. So I just was disappointed that David A. thought the only way he could get through Beatles night was to make it a Stevie Wonder night. Ugh. I do think he definitely deserves to continue, but he's certainly not on top for me anymore. Jason C. is my favorite for the year so far.
Kristy Lee ought to go home after the disaster that was 8 Days a Week. So should David H., who is a total creepy van guy in my book. Wish we could vote 2 off this week!

tamrobot said...

Jared helped produce and edit a commercial advertisement for Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Who Movie that should be playing tonight before or during American Idol. He even has his voice recorded on it yelling "American Idol!" and "Yeah" and other random Whos' voices. Keep an eye out for it tonight!

Jamie J said...

I think David Archuleta is definitely not as safe as he would have been a few weeks ago. I can't believe he forgot the words either!!! I LOVED last night. David Cook is my ABSOLUTE favorite! I don't know what Paula was talking about "dark horse", there's nothing dark about him. It's not like he's coming from behind...he's just amazing! Carly was really good and Brooke too was fantastic! I loved the Beatles night as Lennon and McCartney are just some of the most talented song writers ever in my opinion. I wished that more of the contestants would have just sung the pure melodies of the songs because that's all they needed to do. Kristy Lee Cook was weird. I think Ramiele looks too forced. She tries to hard. Syesha is just boring. Not my type, but I really enjoed Michael Johns last night. I think he did much better than last week. Well now that this is a novel...One of the best episodes in my opinion. I hope that David Hernandez or Syesha or Ramiele go home tonight. We'll see!

Jamie J said...

Oh yeah and Chikezie I totally had the same reaction as you! What??? But he totally pulled it off! And I noticed the garments too....

Katie Kilpatrick said...

We have it on Tivo and are planning on watching it today. With me being post-op Don is home and the kids are at school. How nice is that? Anyway, I love that Brooke girl too. I LOOOOVE that she is so NORMAL and people can look up to her and not her "assets." I hate Ryan. He is just a moron. I never have liked him very much. He can be a bit creepy too. Brooke's husband needs to give him a little convincing.

Cheryl said...

I heard him! I had to rewind it a couple of times to make sure, but it was so obvious; I was kind of freaking out in excitement, i.e. "That's Jared! How cool is that!? It's Jared!!" :)

Susan M said...

I've already commented a ton about this week's AI on and over at, so I won't say much. Just want to point out that had David A. ranked number one this week, so it looks like his fan base is definitely keeping him alive. And I think they accurately predicted the bottom three, although they didn't get the loser right.