Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pounds, Poop, and Procrastination

Total Weight Loss:

Brandon: 40.4 pounds
Me: 29.8 pounds

That's right! As of yesterday...

...Brandon only has 5 pounds left before he hits goal weight (which I think is just lousy, because in my gut I feel if he loses 5 more pounds he'll wither away to nothing. He should be done!) and I only have 7.2 pounds left before I hit my goal weight! It's kind of surreal to see this type of progress. We've been doing this now for 6 months, and yet it doesn't feel like such a big deal anymore. What I mean, is that it doesn't feel hard. Our lifestyle has changed so much that eating healthy and being good about it is almost second nature. But I already talked about this, so I won't bore you here.


So, at dinnertime, I was talking with #1 about her stomachache at school. This happens occasionally and I asked if she was being regular (you know, pooping and all). This led to a short discussion on making sure the girls drank enough water during the day.

Fast forward to bedtime. #2, the manipulator that she is, comes out of her room.
Brandon: "What do you need, #2?"
#2: "My poop is having a really hard time coming out and it hurts."
We look at each other trying not to laugh.
Me: "What?"
#2: "My poop won't come out."
I knew exactly where this was headed, but I played along.
Me: "What do you want us to do?"
#2 is quiet.
"#2, if you want a drink of water, just ask for one! Hurry up and get one."
She laughed and ran down the stairs to the kitchen.


I've gotten behind on a lot of things lately. Being sick will do that, but I realized lately that I'm behind on a lot more than simple chores, and it has so much more to do with my mind and soul then with my physical health. Those scrapbooks I promised to get done when my children were born? Lying in wait. Those pictures I should have hung in our master bedroom when we moved here 11 months ago? Still on the floor. That friend I keep meaning to email? It's been months. Those exercise pants I need to buy? The backyard I need to clean out? The food storage I need to accumulate? The pants I need to sew? Those birthdays I didn't want to forget? The Visiting Teaching I wanted to get done? The stories I long to write? The playdates I meant to have? The missionaries needing letters? The women I long to share the Gospel with? Those sections of scriptures I want to read? All my best laid plans to encourage my children to learn kindness, math, geography, sharing, and a sense of awe and love? The weekend away Brandon and I promised each other?
And yet, I always find time to blog.
I need to stop procrastinating. It is one of my worst sins.


Summer said...

I'm really struggling with procrastination too. With pretty much everything you mentioned. :(

Amber- aka kanga5 said...

It just snowballs doesn't it? I found a planner on
Motivated and it seems to be helping me not feel overwhelmed and shut down. It'll get some tweeking over time and I don't do everything everyday but it helps me focus when I start to panic.


Amanda said...

Way to go on the weight loss. You are an inspiration!

Send your pictures my way and I'll make scrapbooks for your babies...that will be one thing crossed off your list! Good luck getting caught up.

I'm going to have to check that site Kanga5 was talking about!

Hillary said...

I wish I could offer some advice or something. But seeing as I'm procrastinating and behind on everything you mentioned, I don't think I'd be much help. :( But on the up side, at least you're not the only one!

Stephen said...

Congrats on the weight loss.

brenbot said...

What the 40 lbs? Brandon is insane.

makakona said...

dang, disappearing woman!

about the water thing. we're big water drinkers and whenever our girls are, uh, "having trouble," we remind them that they need to drink lots of water.

so, we were on a roadtrip and our oldest was 2.5yo. we stopped to use a restroom somewhere and my daughter decided to loudly lecture me on how i needed to drink more water "so your poop won't hurt so bad coming out." of course, the restroom was packed and everyone just laughed and laughed at me. i was so embarrassed!

The day is what you make of it!! said...

Congrats!! I miss both of you!! I have a blog too!! Not so updated!!!We need to catch up!!!