Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh, the sickness!

My sickness lingers on. It's settled into my chest (a little blood in the phlegm is okay, right?) and my sinuses. My boys have it. My girls are over it. It has hit our home with a vengeance! I only pray that Brandon doesn't get it until I'm healthy enough to take over again.

Life still had to go on, you see. Chores, school parties, gymnastics, etc. Of course, if you are married to the best man in the world, these things are easily done, eh? Brandon...

...picked up #1 from school on Friday and took her to gymnastics. He then brought home dinner. He also did drop off and pick up for the Primary activity that night --even running home to get an electric cord they needed for the activity. Saturday was spent helping children clean while I took a nap. It was also "Dad's Day" at #2's preschool --no worries, said he, and off they went.

My piano recital was not to be rescheduled. I didn't want to deal with that, and so after an hour-long shower, we all headed to the church. I was careful to be alert, and yet not touch anyone. The recital was successful, and the children did as I expected they would (I'm pretty good at predicting recital behavior now), but the night was not over. We had promised a friend to come eat dinner with her so she could have the missionaries over (she's a widow with her last son living at home). It reminded me of this discussion. So. Funny. Anyway, it was a wonderful dinner, but by the time it was over? I was done. My body collapsed upon me when we got home, and I knew church was not even an option for the next day.

#3 happened to get sick, too, so he and I snuggled on the couch whilst the others went to church. Where was #4, you ask? Yes, dear, reader, you will be pleased to hear that Brandon took him to church! Yes! For all three hours! It was such a relief. By the time the day ended, my body was still not done hurting. Luckily for me, I woke up Monday morning feeling a bit better. I could lift my head without pain and walk around without moaning. Today feels about the same. Of course, now #4 has it. But his version seems milder, and I thank the flu shot for that one.

Btw, I hate, hate, hate sickness. Because I can't just get sick and then get over it. It takes me WEEKS to get better from something like this -sometimes an entire month. My asthma and allergies give me a longer recovery time. Frust-er-ate-ing.

And now, I can't even remember why I was writing. Was it to tell you about sickness? I better read my first paragraph again (see! I remember something from English class.). Oh, yes. Brandon. He's the best husband, ever! And I hope he doesn't get sick. It is no fun.


Amanda said...

Sorry you have been sick! Feel better soon.

Jamie J said...

Hope you get better soon!!

Kelly A. said...

Not fun at all! People around me (both cyberly and in real life) have been dropping like flies. Get better! Feel better! No fun.

FluffyChicky said...

Sorry that you haven't felt well. Thanks for being brave enough to leave a comment on my blog. :)
I was skimming through some of your old blogs and I had to laugh because you were right...we are pretty similar. My husband and I got married in the IF Temple almost 8 years ago...and we had a similar backdrop at one of our receptions (We had to have two. Ask my mother in law why that was necessary, because I still don't understand why...it is not like Rexburg is that far away from IF! One reception would have been FINE!! Sorry. I'm still bitter.) Anyway, I'd better be added to your bloggy roll thingy now. :)

Katie said...

We have had it too. I am so sorry. Mine developed into a nice little sinus infection. I have been coughing up guck for three weeks. Now the kids have it. Hope you are feeling better.