Sunday, October 21, 2007

I need to blog everyday; this kind of back-up can't be healthy!


This last week has been a doozy, and I'll tell you what, I wish I had blogged about it as it came; not all in one lump sum like I'm doing! So, dear reader, please bear with me as I try to convey the excitedness of my crazy existence.

Dancing with the Stars? Close enough!
Brandon took me dancing. Yes! Yes, he did! Dinner and dancing. You see, back in the day, I was what you could call a ballroom dancing enthusiast. I took Social Dance 180, 280, and 380 (all you BYU folk know what I'm talking about) and then I married Brandon, and my dancing days were pretty much done. Brandon did take 180 while we were dating (he must have REALLY loved me!), but once I finished 380 and realized the only way to go on would be to make it semi-serious (back-up teams and the like), I chose to just stop. Oh, we enjoy ourselves a good Country dance or two, but Ballroom just didn't fit into our relationship. So you can understand my surprise (and trepidation) at our date Friday night.
After a thrilling dinner of Thai food (yum!), we went over to a local Baptist Church that has turned their gymnasium/stage area into a dance floor on Friday Nights. Of course, we were probably the youngest people there, but it was so much fun! The instructor taught the Tango; Brandon caught on very quickly and I remembered it easily. We enjoyed a great evening of dancing the Waltz, the Foxtrot (sort of), the Tango, and of course, the Two-Step. The best part was being able to look into Brandon's face longingly in a public place without it being awkward for people! (heehee!).

Ants and Pink-eye? Yep, he must be gone again:
Brandon left early Saturday morning for Provo (BYU game!). I got the kids up for our "chore day" ritual, and #1 discovered ants in the downstairs bathroom. And it wasn't just a few. It was a colony on the move! The hard part was in that bathroom, our cat has his food, so I had to be really careful about how to get rid of them. Once the little rascals were terminated (sorry, little guys!), chores were done, children (and myself) dressed and ready for the day, we headed out for the Carnival! #1's school does a fund-raising carnival every year. I volunteered to help with a booth (not very happily, since I knew I would not have Brandon to help me with the children), and so we had to go.
The kids had a great time! We went early enough before my shift so that we could play some games. I really thought the school did a good job with the theme ("Around the World") and with the different booths. The booth I worked at was the cupcake decorating booth, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. The kids spent the first half an hour decorating cupcakes for themselves, and then #1 took #2 and #3 to watch some entertainment (karate, dancing, etc.) nearby. #4 did really well sitting in his stroller (which surprised me greatly), and so the time passed rather quickly.
We got ourselves home with plenty of time for laundry (yes! I did laundry! I was shocked, too), naps (not my nap, unfortunately) and the making of more cupcakes. Why more cupcakes, you ask? Well, our Ward was having their annual Round-Up ward party Saturday night. Dinner, games, and what-have-you were on the agenda. I gathered the kids together and we headed over for some yummy food.
Of course, one hour before going, I noticed #1's eye was getting goopy. Earlier at the Carnival I noticed she was itching her eye a lot, but I thought it could be allergies. Well, by the time we were sitting down and eating some fabulous tri-tip, salad, pizza, and scones at the ward round-up, both of her eyes were pretty gross. ~sigh~ Luckily, I have some awesome friends. J offered to keep #2 and #3 at the party and then take them home with her afterward. [THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!]. So, #1, #4 and I headed back home. I called our after-hours clinic (who loves after-hours clinics?!? Meeeee!!!) and got an appointment immediately. We got there in good time, but the best part --the absolutely-you-always-hear-about-it-but-it-never-happens-to-you part --was that we went in, checked in, were seen by the doctor, got the prescription and were out in 13 minutes. Can you believe that?! Awesome, awesome. Now, however, if there could have been a pharmacy that stayed open past 7PM on a Saturday night, well, then we'd be in heaven. As it was, I checked three pharmacies, and they were all closed. So, I picked up #2 and #3, and we headed home.
The kids crashed in bed (hooray!) and I folded laundry (miraculous day, is it not?). Brandon was home not to long after 11PM. He had a great day, although it snowed like crazy at the game in the last quarter. But BYU won --trounced on E. Wash. 42 to 7. Ouch! Go Cougars!

Here's a question for you all: How come, as soon as the husband leaves, something goes wrong? Here is a list of things that has happened to me, in the past, whilst Brandon was away:
  • Flat tires on the car
  • Severe water damage in the basement
  • Broken window
  • Missing cat
  • Having to go to the ER with pneumonia

Primary is so fun!:

Today was our Primary Program. It was sad, because #1 had to miss it, due to her pink eye episode yesterday. So, Brandon stayed home with her and #4, while I took the other two with me to church. I am the primary pianist, so I had to be there! It was fun. I sincerely think the Primary Program is the best program of the year. I really enjoy hearing the children speak and especially love hearing them sing. :)

#3 was awful in Sacrament Meeting, though. I felt so humiliated because I had no control over him whatsoever! I'm usually very good in the discipline area, but he knew I couldn't take him out during the Sacrament, because I had to be there the instant it finished to play. Also, Brandon is usually the church disciplinarian, and #3 knew it. GRRRR! It was so frustrating and I was on the verge of tears. He was loud and rude and just being awful. Luckily, we had sat in front of some friends (what am I talking about? The whole ward would be considered "friends") and they took him from me just before I had to go up to play. They kept him happy with candy, and it didn't bother me at all. I'm just glad he was quiet for somebody! After the meeting, and during Primary, the Primary President (she's so cool!) gave me, the chorister, and the counselor who put the program together flowers! Isn't that sweet? They are so beautiful!

Well, here I am, amid the chaos (Brandon is at a meeting), dealing with sickness and the whining, waiting for dinner to finish cooking. All is well, but honestly?

I think I need a vacation.


Kelly A. said...

What a perfect look at life of a mom. Loved the ups and downs. And all is well, even though the pink eye and ants and naughty buggers during Sacrament meeting would flatten a lesser person. Not a mom I tell ya! We keep on trucking!

My Husband out of town count:
*2 out with pneumonia
*I fell and broke my foot, had a three month old, kept seven yr old home from school to babysit me and fix bottles for baby.
*Neighbor's french drain broke, causing a giaganitc sink hole in MY front yard.
Ah yes, when the dad is gone...

Good luck with the new week, hope it is 1/2 the frenzy of this week and double the joy!

Summer said...

Holy cow I know what you mean about things going wrong when the hubby leaves. Tom flew to Utah for his sisters wedding when I was 8 months pregnant this last march. The afternoon he left I got very ill. Chills, shaking, head cold. I could barely move to take care of th boys. It got so bad I asked for a blessing the next day from home teachers. Also that same week while I was deathly ill and he was gone, I had a scare with possible pre-eclampsia, my car died and Count Dooku developed a mystery rash. It was a 5 day nightmare!

Lindsay said...

You are queen of handling so many things at once! What a wild weekend! I'll be definintely asking you more details about the ballroom fun!

Denae said...

Cheryl. I am so sorry about all of the things that went wrong! Disaster and so not fair that you were alone. I HATE ants so much. But the dancing date sounded like a blast!

Jamie J said...

Sorry you had such a crappy week! Hopefully you'll get some rest tonight and you have a better week!

Rochelleht said...

What a sweet wife you are. That was a bugger of a day. Glad it is over! I'm amazed you made it through the carnival on your own. That would have NEVER worked for me. Greg always comes up with the kids after I'm done with the booth.

Cristy said...

Whew! What a whirlwind! What an awesome wife you are to let your man go to all those games... and out of state! Yes, you may pat yourself on the back. And I agree about everything going wrong when ever your husband is out of town or unavailable. Murphy's Law or something.

Cheryl said...

I knew that I wasn't the only wife who meets disaster when Hubby leaves! I'm glad to know I'm not alone. You guys are so sweet to think that I'm such a great wife and's not usually true, but thank you just the same! :)