Thursday, September 27, 2007

Too tired to Spell check (and report on last weekend!)

I am tired.

But I need to write the synopsis of the crazy cramming of stuff weekend, or else I'll forget those details (and Kanga5 asked me to!). This was a weekend I will never forget! Wait, I think I just contradicted myself. Oh, well. Hasn't been the first time.

Friday (Sept.21, 2007):
5:30PM: Drove to Oakland Temple grounds. Brought a "picnic" dinner; ate it. The YM and Elders in our Ward were asked to set up the dressing rooms and stage for the SUV choir's performance. Left Brandon at the Temple around 7:15PM and drove the kids to Aunt L and Uncle P's house. Left #1, #2 and #3 with their suitcase and instructions. #4 and I drove back home.
8:30PM: Pack. Brandon came home by 10PM; we finally finish packing and fall asleep around 11:30PM or so...

Saturday (Sept. 22, 2007):
3:15AM: My alarm went off. Jumped in the shower. Got ready. Woke Brandon. Put sleeping baby in car. Drove to Oakland airport. Everything actually went pretty smoothly at that point. We made it to our flight in good time; we were able to buy some food that we can eat without freaking out over the points (yogurt and fruit, people. It's all about the yogurt and fruit. :) ). We arrived a tad late in SLC, though.
10:15AM: Got our rental car and drove to Provo. Oh, Glorious Mountains! Sweet Sky of Forested Peaks! And it's AUTUMN, people! AUTUMN! Not in California, really, but in Utah, it is, and the leaves are just beautiful. Anyway, we went to our home in Provo. We had told our renters we were going to inspect the property that morning, and although we were almost 1/2 hour later than we had planned, we were surprised when they weren't home. No note, no phone call, not home. We looked at the backyard (Brandon did) and I just scanned the front; we were disappointed that our renters weren't there. And a little peeved. So, we visited with our neighbors instead. It was good to see them!
10:45AM: Dropped off #4 with some friends for the afternoon.
11:00AM: Tailgated
12:00Noon: Ate lunch in the Cougar Room and heard cool people talk about football (former players).
12:40PM: Went on the Field with Brandon's Dad who is in charge of the Cannon (Ol' George Q!). 1:00PM: Made it to our seats in time for Kick-off! GO COUGARS!!! We killed them. It was awesome. And Air Force is such a great team. I love watching them play because they are tough (AF) and kind. Seriously, they are way cool guys. It rained, but we had brought ponchos, so it was all good.
4:30PM: Picked up #4 and drove to Logan.
7:15PM: Arrived at my sister's place in Logan. My parents were there, too. It was great to see my sis, BIL, parents, nephew and NEW nephew!

Sunday (Sept. 23, 2007):
8:09AM: Drove back to SLC; visited with some awesome friends, who we love dearly, who have also just had a baby.
10:45AM: Head to Provo; have lunch with the FIL.
12:40PM: Attend our previous Ward's Sacrament Meeting. Oh, how I loved being there! The young men swarmed Brandon; the older women hounded me and I smelled like old lady perfume for the rest of the day. :) One of our "boys" (Brandon's first Deacons that are now going on Missions) spoke (his farewell address, basically), and that was our main reason for being there.
2:15PM: Stayed too long to talk to people. Went to the "farewell" luncheon. Stayed too long. Drove to SLC and got caught in traffic (accident!). Got to airport with just enough time to SkyCap our luggage, return the rental car, get through security, run to the gate, go into the wrong bathroom (wow, there are a lot of urinals in Men's restrooms!), get the bottle ready, arrive at the counter and be told that they had overbooked our flight and we probably wouldn't get on.
Luckily, some people missed their connection, and we did get on. Phew!
5:30PM (or so): Arrived in Oakland; got to our car as quickly as a shuttle bus can allow and drove 20 minutes to Brandon's Aunt's place.
6:30PM: Scarfed down some yummy dinner; left #4 with Aunt L and Uncle P.
7:30PM: Arrived at the Oakland Temple. Hiked up the hill and attended the SUV choir concert. (AMAZING! Only downer: the couple we invited to go with us didn't show --we found out later there had been an emergency).
10:45PM: Drive back to get the kids.
Midnight: Arrive home. Crash and burn, baby, crash and burn.

I'll report on the week since coming home, since it's been crazy, too. But I'll wait until tomorrow to do that.

P.S. Although the 48 hours I reported were completely insane, I have, no doubt, that I could do it again. It was awesome. I had fun, and it was just bliss to talk with Brandon during all the travel time!
P.S.S. Pictures to come later. You all know how late I am with pictures. :)


Rochelleht said...

Wow! I'm tired now, too.

kanga5 said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for the update. Isn't the weather here lovely right now?! I love the fall. DH and I have said before that if the Great Salt Lake were the ocean then Utah would be the perfect place to live.:)

Cheryl said...

Brandon just reminded me-- the airline lost one of our bags and we didn't get it until Monday. Luckily there wasn't anything in it that we needed for those 16 hours. But man, it's so frustrating standing there, waiting for the luggage that doesn't come...

Summer said...

I'm glad you guys had such a nice time!

Amanda said...

That does sound exhausting! Seeing the Utah leaves sounds great though. I think that you deserve several naps this weekend!