Saturday, September 15, 2007

Poop in the Brownies, people. That's what it was...

I have seen THIS play many times. I even saw it "on" Broadway with Donny Osmond.

I was never this uncomfortable. No, scratch that. I was never this humiliated/ashamed/appalled.

Genesis tells us the story of the Prophet Joseph. We know what happened and why he was thrown into prison. We know Potiphar's Wife has some serious issues. She's a total....adulteress. (I would use stronger language, but I'm trying to keep it clean).

What they did was reprehensible. Who is "they" you ask? Well, last night, Brandon and I (with a dozen other people from our ward) went and saw this play. It was the last play of our season tickets to the Woodminster Outdoor Theater. "They" are the actors and director. "They" are the ones that turned Joseph into a weak King David and made it seem he gave in. "They" are the ones that turned a "fleeing-away" scene into outright P*rn on the stage in front of us.

They thought it was funny. Witty. 98% of the audience was Christian (several other church groups were there; LDS, Lutheran, Episcopalian, etc.) and NOBODY was laughing. The tension was palpable. Several people had brought their children. Our Bishop was next to us. Our EQ President and his wife and their two daughters were behind us. The children's chorus was on the stage --of course. CHILDREN, people. Children. But I want to add something more to this --I was disgusted. Brandon was disgusted. And we didn't have our children with us.

The practically simulated sex on stage was bad enough. The defamation of Joseph was worse. Who can root for a guy that is so weak and immoral? It changed the story.

The singing and dancing was spectacular. The talent was amazing. But that scene, so disgusting and impressionable, will forever be there. Yes, it was like the poop inside the brownies, indeed.

Our incredible EQ President wrote them. His letter was amazing and kind. But he was strong. He encouraged us all to write them. And believe you me, we will.

I told Brandon: "This is the only reason I don't like living in 'the world'. You would never have to even worry about sex on stage at a play in Provo."

Sometimes, I still long for that innocence.


Amber said...

I would be shocked. It is one of my favorite productions and believe me, I'd be in arms over the whole thing, too!

Rochelleht said...

WOW! Who would have thought you'd have to worry when seeing that play? I've seen it many times and I love it. That just makes me SICK! So sorry, but SO glad you didn't have your kids with you. I think it's great you guys are going to write letters.

Summer said...

How sickening! I'm glad the kids weren't there.

Anonymous said...

I took my son to see the touring company - starring Patrick Cassidy - and was appalled that the same thing happened. I think no matter who it is directing, they have to get some sex in there somehow. But that "little" change in the script changes the whole meaning of the show. I couldn't help but think "the non-Christians, non Bible reading people were given such a wrong idea of what Joseph was about". Left me with a really bad taste. I never got to see Donny Os' performance which I'm still kicking myself for. I'm involved in a production of the show now. There's nothing in it that says Joseph "gave in". Stinks that people that could be brought to a knowledge of the truth are being sucked in by Satan.