Friday, September 14, 2007

Anything Worth Having...

...takes a tremendous amount of work.

I've written about this before, not sure where, could have been someone-whose-it's blog or something, and very possibly my own, however! It's time to address this again.

I tell my piano students this all the time. If they are LDS, it's easy to pinpoint an example. For example (did you see that fabulous segway!), our testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will only grow if we strengthen them. This comes with a tremendous amount of work: Church attendance, scripture study (my failing ~sob~), prayer, service, cleanliness, etc. However, the reward, the end result is AMAZING. And completely worth it.

Let's apply this to piano (thus the lecture my students receive). Practicing is HARD. Especially at around month Six and year Three. There's another "wall" at around year 8 or 9, but I haven't taught any individual that long, yet. Anyway, it's HARD. It takes work. But in the end, it's completely worth it.

Being healthy. For most moms, this is HARD. We have a million little people (seems like a million!) who need us desperately and take a lot of our "me time". But, as my previous post suggested, this work we put into healthy habits is completely worth it.

School. It's HARD. Completely worth it.

Marriage. It can truly be HARD. So very much completely worth it.

Grinding a path through Post-Partum Depression. It is beyond HARD. But in the end, it's completely worth it.

Writing a children's book and a young adult fiction novel. It's SO HARD. But will be completely worth it. :)

It amazes me how the world is set up and how it truly follows the concept of the Plan of Salvation (go figure!). We're here. We are strong. We are amazing. And we struggle. We fail. We try again. We work hard. We succeed. We fail again. We try again. We work hard. And anything that we accomplish is just one more step towards this fabulous feeling of contentment. All the hard work and the failures lump together and we relish in the successes, remember the work, and thrive in what was learned.

And, in the end, it's all worth it.

So, work hard people! You know you want to... :)

P.S. Subliminal message: Makakona, email me! Okay, so that's not very subliminal. But you still need to email me! cssavage at gmail dot com...


Amanda said...

You are so right! Anything worth having takes so much hard work and we need to remember that as we go through daily life! Thanks for the reminder.

Jamie J said...

So true. Thanks for the reminder!