Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Park in the Dark

I live in an area full of cul de sacs. The house we are renting sits at the end of one of them. I like the idea of cul de sacs because it slows traffic, it's easier to park (front in), and the neighbors are a little friendlier because we all face each other. Well, my neighbors are friendly, but not as much as I would like. To be honest, I think they're all boring and too quiet. But too quiet is better than loud, for sure.


Behind these cul de sac streets are a series of duck ponds, parks and a creek. Brandon built (with our owner's permission) a gate that leads from our backyard right onto the walk-way (greenbelt) that meanders through the green areas. It is most convenient, since otherwise, we have to walk to the end of our street, and then wrap around to get to the creek. This way, the little park is very close, the duck pond is close, etc. etc. It is also most convenient for me in the early mornings when I go meet my running buddy. I walk through our back gate, through the park, across the street, and up about 4 blocks to meet her. Without this gate, I would probably just drive.

In the early morning (5:35AM or so), the park is scary, though. There are lamps lighting the walkway, and there are wide open spaces, but it's still dark, and there are trees. I'm also tired, so I don't feel as alert, and that is a scary feeling, too. The ducks and sprinklers (which are actually annoying) somehow relieve some fear, and I highly doubt some person is waiting in the dark at that time to jump out and hurt me. [Of course, if I hadn't just finished the Twilight series, I probably wouldn't be as scared. Heehee!] But --when walking back through the park after a great run, and the sun is rising, the park is the most peaceful and beautiful place in the world. The fountains sound magical, the ducks waddling on the grass in their cute families are fun to watch, and the cool air feels good against my just-ran-3-miles skin.

I find it interesting how the park is the same --but the timing and the way I feel has changed. In the dark, the green area is dangerous, but in the light, the green area is peaceful.

I could get all philosophical and religious right now (since my faith permeates everything I think about), especially since I find the contrast worth talking about, but I'll leave it as it is and let all of you do the talking. Give me your thoughts (if you have any)!


livingthelife said...

Hey Cheryl. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog.

I know you worked at the dental office for a bit, but didn't know if you had heard about Steve.

Cheryl said...

Yes, my mom told me about Steve. It is so sad, and I'm really sorry. How are the twins?

Katie said...

Yes, that park is a bit creepy in the dark. I thin because it is pretty close to a larger park which is pretty close to a pretty crazy part of the city you live (McDonalds area...yikes!). So, you do have to be careful, but I agree, once the son comes up it is beautiful.

Cristy said...

I love excersizing early in the morning and then being so awake for the sunrise too. Albeit the darkness is scary... sorry we will miss you on Sunday. I"m out of town! Boo