Monday, September 10, 2007

Maybe I'll write about family weekend vacations...

BYU lost.

Yes, I know, there was some weeping, wailing, and a little gnashing of teeth, but all in all, we are unscathed. The game was awesome. It was fun to just be there --kids were with Nana and Papa, there was shouting, amazing tailgating (those UCLA fans know how to tailgate!!), lots of people, crowds, cheering, jeering, bad calls, good calls, thrilling touchdowns, laughter, seeing great people, good food, and of course, the feeling that I was still in college, dating the best-looking, smartest, and most dedicated BYU football fan in the world. :)

We saw lots of family (Brandon's dad, mom, step-dad, sisters, BIL's, Aunt Carrie!, my aunt and uncle and cousin) and friends (B and Jen and Pete and L). The kids traveled well (as always). Funny incident:

DH (Brandon) turns off the movie in the DVD player when it was finished. Silence. Suddenly...

#3: "WOW! COWS!"
#2: "Look over here! I see windmills!"
#1: "Hey, guys, look at this!"

DH: "You'd think they never looked out the window before!"
Me: "I don't think they have."

The DVD player stayed off the rest of the trip and we enjoyed singing songs, playing games, and stopping fights. Such joy!

We got home in good time. It's nice coming home from a long drive BEFORE midnight. We did even better this time --7:45PM, baby! Plenty of time to unload the car, get the kids in bed, and pretend we want to unpack. Oh, yes, I said pretend. Anyway, it was good to get home early, get to bed early, wake up at 1AM with "nurse-me-now-or-I'll-scream-all-night!" little boy, and then run 3.2 miles at 6:15AM (yes, we are running a little later this week. 5:30 is a tad early, so we'll see how our schedule goes with pushing it forward). Of course, it wouldn't be complete without the ignoring of dishes and as of now, I should be doing laundry. You know, it's my favorite chore. A-hem.

Writing is beginning. I won't say much, but just know that it is happening. I won't be writing anything here about what I'm doing, because I'd rather be secretive and rude. Okay, not really. I'm not going to give samples or write here because I'm afraid of people stealing my ideas and words. See, if I'm not copyrighted, then what's stopping Joe-Schmoe from stealing my stuff and writing himself his own book? I once had a sham of a contest STEAL my poem. And it seemed to be a legit contest through school. I signed away the rights so it could be published and WHAMMO---my parents were out $50 for the book they bought. I couldn't care less about the book never coming --it was for my poem I cried. So, and thus, and therefore, and this is why I won't be sharing my book (or books?) on this blog. Maybe one day, when I'm rich and famous, or at least published (what a day!), I'll set up a cool little ditty of a website that will allow my adoring fans (I know I have at least two) to read my "works." In the meantime, I will blog as if writing never entered my heart. Okay, yeah, right! I'm sure I'll refer to "THE BOOK" several times. As if I could keep the fact that it exists a secret. ~snort~

P.S. I got some amazing shirts from HERE. They arrived Saturday and so coming home to new clothes was AWESOME!

P.S.S. Pictures of weekend to come later.


Summer said...

Ah yes, BYU lossage is so sad. *sniff*

Kelly A. said...

Sorry about your team. But road trips are always good! Nowadays I prefer road trips with my kids rather than flying. Everyone can have their own private melt down without strangers watching and we have nothing to do but hang out with each other. Good times! :)

Good luck with the writing!