Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hooray! It's the end of...Summer?

[UPDATE, Week Eight Total Results= Brandon: 22.8 Me: 13. 4]

Golly geeze, I'm busy! You wouldn't think the start of school would create such chaos, now would you? Well, you would be, once again, very, very wrong. (Not implying that my readers are wrong about anything. Just in reading my mind, I guess?).

Here is a synopsis of a busy day in my crazy world (Wednesdays work well. Let's do today):

5:15AM --Alarm goes off.
5:30AM --Meet with running buddy. Walk a mile; run two.
6:20AM --Arrive back home; shower, wake up kids, get dressed, breakfast, make lunch, say prayers, brush teeth, hair, crazy mess, some fighting, finding shoes, etc.
7:30AM --Brandon takes #1 to school. Remember to eat my own breakfast. Feed #4 cereal.
8:20AM --Take kids to drop off #2 at preschool.
8:35AM --Drop off #3 and #4 (with #3's tricycle) off with my running buddy and some of her kids at the nearby park while I attend #2's "mom social".
9:30AM --Hang out at park for a little while; go home, nurse baby (OUCH! Stop biting me!), finish reading Twilight (Yes, Denae, it is wonderful! Sorry, guys, but I likey!).
10:50AM --Go pick up #2 from preschool; go home, feed the kids lunch. Email, blog, dishes, etc.
12:30PM --Realize that #3 and #4 are asleep and #1 has an early day. Grrr! Call a friend --she picks up #1 for me. Thank you, thank you!
1:30PM --#1 returns home. Spend the next hour or so helping with homework, cleaning the house, and writing this post.
The rest of the day will go as follows (if it goes according to plan):
3PM--5:30PM --Teach 5 piano lessons.
6PM --Make and serve dinner; bathe the kids.
7:20PM--Scriptures, prayers, lights out!
8PM --Ice cream, novel, maybe some TV, me. :)
10:30PM --Brandon comes home (he has a class in SF on Wednesday nights). Fall asleep blissfully in his arms. Okay, okay. Usually, I fall asleep in a drool-infested stupor. But whatever.

I forget that the crazy busy scheduling is what my soul thrives on. I honestly have thought about the "sweet" days of summer without a schedule, and had to stop myself for believing that somehow I was "happier when". This new schedule will take time, but I'm believing that I'll get used to it soon enough.

Oh, and to all my faithful readers and fellow bloggers, I promise to catch up on all of your posts soon! I just don't seem to have the time, as my post above indicates. But oh, how I miss you...


allens said...

Cheryl, This is a side note, but I LOVE the Twilight books! Some of my favorites of the past few years.

PS, although I love the freedom of all my kids home, I do really look forward to the scheduled life that comes with kids in school.

I am becoming addicted to your blog!

And I need to call you and tell you about my little Brigham's heart. Sorry I didn't ever email you back!

Love and love, Julie

Denae said...

So glad you liked Twilight. So sorry about such a busy day. Ours was like that yesterday and then today... nothing and I LOVED it.

Cheryl said...

I loved it! I can see why you're obsessed. I'm going crazy waiting for my copies of New Moon and Eclipse to arrive (they were shipped today!).

I'm so glad that you wrote! You are forgiven for not telling me --I mean, come on, you had so much to worry about. But do! Do call me, or email me or whatever. We really, really need to catch up. I'm still bummed we only got to talk for a few minutes at the reunion.
Oh, and yes, I'm quite addicting, aren't I? :) Just kidding. But thank you!

Sara said...

I love it when you comment on my site! Thanks Cheryl! Your crazy days put mine to shame. haha. But I love reading about how you accomplish it all. I know you're on top of things. And wow-- five piano lessons today!?

Sara said...

Julie-- Julie Rose? You need to start a blog and I want to know how your baby boy is doing!

Cheryl said...

You have to understand that I am very good at doing what HAS to be done --and those piano lessons are saving my sanity! Just like your sewing, the teaching gives me immense pleasure (and some income!).

Amanda said...

I went to the library to get the Twilight book and...they didn't even have Stephanie Meyer in the catalog! I just about died. I'll get it at some point...

I agree with you! I like having a schedule and sticking to it. Makes life go more smoothly.

Kelly A. said...

I'm feeling ya! No matter how busy I seem to always find time to at least check other blogs. This week, not even that. Such a loss.

Cristy said...

Yay for Mothers with a schedule! I am so that Mom! Probably to a fault... but yea, I totally am happier when we have a busy schedule! I tried to be an "up in the air, do it whenever" Mom for like 5 minutes once, and lost it! Not for me. =)