Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The best lift for me is purpose...

I got it, people! I finally figured it out.

My already worn-out brain thrives on activity. No, not math problems. Yeah, like that will ever happen again in this lifetime --I'm talking about regular I'm-going-crazy-because-I'm-a-mom-that-also-needs-a-life type of activity.

I moved here and got slightly depressed. No, the weather is great. The ward is great. My new friends are amazing. The house is wonderful. The neighborhood is so nice. Life is peachy-keen. But I was bored. I had no life. I had no activities to occupy my mind, my life, my craziness. So blogging was my only activity. And I'm sorry, but only blogging? Yeah. ONLY BLOGGING. I was on the Internet all day. My kids were bored. I was bored. Life was BOH-RING.

But I didn't know it. I did not know it! Now I do! And today proved it! How, you ask? How? I'll tell you how my running through my schedule today:

DH wakes early to do a 6AM session at the Oakland Temple. So I get all kids ready for the day, along with myself, do a teensy bit of Internet stuff, and take #1 to school. After I drop her off, the other kiddies and I go pick up my friend L and her daughter. We take them to the Oakland airport (wonderful conversation!) and drop them off. (I'll miss her while she's gone...) Then I take the kids back home; we eat lunch and then head to Costco. We buy our stuff, get my meds, and head back to the home front again. #3 falls asleep; #2 and I clean the house like crazy before my piano lessons. YES! PIANO LESSONS! My two students (bro/sis) come over for their lessons. Awesome lessons! They practice! It's amazing what can be accomplished when one practices...Anyway....Lessons over; call my sister. Love my sister! #1 is then dropped off by her friend's mom (she spent the afternoon with a friend). I make dinner. DH comes home. I type this blog post.

Now why is this wonderful? I was busy, people! I WAS BUSY!

Some thrive on down-time. I need that, too (hence the trip to LA next month I'll be taking sans DH, #1, #2, and #3), but ---but! I thrive on activity. I need some stress. Not too much, but some. I remember my happiest moments in HS and college as being filled with constant purpose. Focus on the tasks at hand.

I can feel the fog of depression lifting. Of course, this means less Internet time, but isn't that totally wonderful?!? :)


Denae said...

I know what you mean. I am the same way I LOVE to have lots going on and LOTS of things to do and work on. I'm glad you're feeling better.

kanga5 said...

Yeah! I know, I should get off the computer too, turn off the tv and interact with my kids before school. I'm glad to hear you had such a nice day. :)