Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My children don't need structure, do they?

So, do you want your kid to have the best possible education? Experience? Activity? Well, good luck figuring out how, because man, the options are insane.

We're struggling in finding a preschool for #2 and #3 (for next year). We have myriads of options (think Christian schools, daycare schools, High school schools, community schools, private schools) and zero chances of getting in. ("I'm sorry, you should have applied in January even though you hadn't even known you were moving to our community at that point in your life...")

Then there's the activities they can choose from: Soccer, Swim lessons, swim team, dance, ballet, gymnastics, piano lessons, t-ball, karate, etc.

Well, once we limit all these activities (and find a preschool) there's the cost involved. I mean, everything costs money, right? Yes, and sometimes your arm and occasionally your leg.

So, DH and I are in the midst of deciding what is best for our children. And for which children (that's not to imply that some children don't deserve the best). Of course, I could go for the teach-them-everything-myself-because-I-can't-handle-this-stress kind of route, but then that would induce the I'm-so-stressed-because-I'm-teaching-them-everything kind of route.

What would you do? And in fact, what do you do with your children?


bec said...

my parent's philosophy growing up with 5 kids was you get to choose ONE thing you'd like to do for the year and that's it. Not one sport per season like football then wrestling. It's going to be my stand too when the kids start getting big enough. I like spending time with my chitlins enjoying them and I think time spent with family builds better relationships that last.. less is more. kind of related but i mean, how many relief society dinners have you been to where all the time is programed out and people have worked their batooties off but where you really would have just liked to eat and talk and relax? we need it, kids need it. my two cents

Cheryl said...

Good two cents! I agree that less is more --and "moderation in all things" is my philosophy.

That's one thing I really like about RS here than back in Provo (not that there's anything wrong with Provo! Love Provo!); the activities are more laid back. I love to just visit with the sisters and get to know each other. So, hear, hear!

Oh, and another thing --I greatly admired your family (still do!) and how you were all good friends. I'd love that for my kids, too...

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I homeschool until the kids turn 8. This isn't for everyone, but it really works for us. This gives them the freedom to play, to decide who they are (before their friends can tell them), allows them to think of family as friends first, etc... And for extra curricular activities we also just let them dabble in different community classes so they can get a taste for all their interests and then, again around 8-9 years old, we ask them to choose something to stick to. It has really helped me to let them wait till they are older to make these decisions so that they can take an active part of it.

Cheryl said...

Oooh! I greatly admire you. I tried to homeschool my oldest and we last about 3 days. I've never been very good at giving instruction at home (unless it's unplanned) but I'm very good at paying people to do it. :)

Btw--I'm just wondering, how did you find my blog? I like to hear how people find me...