Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Week 4 Results

DH: 14.8 pounds (Total)
Me: 10 pounds! (Total!)
Can you believe it?!?! And my reward for losing 10 pounds is to get my hair done. Not sure yet what I'm going to do, but it definitely needs a trim and a little shimmer. To my friends in the Bay Area: Know of anyone who's good?


Rochelleht said...

Yea! That's exciting. WOW! ten pounds!!!

Amber said...

GREAT milestone! I'd say celebrate by a pizza but that would kind of defeat the point. :-)

kanga5 said...

Wahoo!! 10 lbs is AWESOME!! Keep up the good work- Reward yourself with a big bowl of frozen berries. Have you ever tried that? I like the mixed bags of berries- it's a sweet treat on a hot day. :) Have fun getting your hair cut and lovelied. :)

brenbot said...


Cheryl said...

Not too far off. I had ice
cream. :)

Frozen berries are yummy, but I prefer fresh ones because I sometimes have sensitive teeth(blueberries and blackberries. Yumm!).

Denae said...

Way to go Cheryl! That is great. I wish I could tell you a great place to get your hair cut but the girl I go to is in Hollister!! 2 hours away. It is just too hard to find someone new.

Jamie J said...

Awesome! Great job!! Have fun getting your hair done!