Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rah, Rah, Rah-Rah-Rah!

Brandon is headed to the first BYU game of the season! I'm jealous. So jealous. I have not missed the first BYU football game of a season in 10 years. ~sob~ I'm only going to get to one home game this year (maybe two) and one away game (UCLA). How will I survive? Brandon better know how much I love him to let him go without me!

I watched this. I felt pride. It's kind of long, so if you aren't into re-living Cougar glory, don't bother. Go Cougars!

For those who don't know, (or haven't figured it out) I really like BYU football.

By the way, it's HOT here. 105 degrees yesterday and 100 today. So grateful for air conditioning.

Hey, anybody else a Cougar fan?


Janelle said...

Call Cristina, she'll watch all the games with you! She would love a stay at home mom tail gate party. I'd come and eat, but watching sports is not my fave. Nevertheless, Go Cougars!

Summer said...

ME, ME, MEEEE!!!!!!
Oooo, my favorite was getting in free when I worked the concession stand our ward managed. We had a booth with a clear view of one of the massive TV screens so I could watch while I manned the register.

Sara said...

I'm a Cougar fan since I graduated from there, but I'm definitely not as into it as you are! I only heard today that the first game is on Saturday, if that tells you anything.

Amanda said...

I like to watch BYU football. If I am going to watch football, it is going to be BYU! My parents have season tickets and have for as long as I can remember. They are excited for Saturday! I'd watch with you if I lived by you! ;-)

Kelly A. said...

I was raised in a Cougar fan house. I had no idea until I moved away that everyone didn't think the Cougs were THE team to beat!

I'm glad you get to go to at least one game, good times!

Cristy said...

GOoooooo COUGARS! That was one of Wills first sentences... I think we like BYU football around here!