Friday, August 10, 2007

My Baby is Three...

Yesterday was #3's birthday. Number 3 is now 3!

He spent most of the day yelling and screaming at ill-conceived injustices (his usual habit) while the rest of us tried to ignore it because "it's his birthday!"

While he took a long nap, #1, #2 and I wrapped his gifts and made his birthday cake. I went with the same theme I did last year: Matchbox Cars on the Cake. HUGE hit every time. :)

He was spoiled with a lot of gear, too:
  • the cars and airplanes off of his cake
  • a kickball
  • sidewalk chalk
  • a huge dinosaur (thanks to aunt bren, tam, and their hubbies)
  • a bubble blower gun and one of those devices that throws the twirling disc in the air (you know what I'm talkin' about?) from Uncle D and Aunt S.
  • Disk throwing guns
  • army men
  • the start-up Thomas the Train railroad set
  • cards
  • money from grandparents

Lucky guy! WOW!

The best part was seeing my brother. He leaves for Iraq on Wednesday.

I'll post pictures tonight or tomorrow...


Jamie J said...

Yay! Happy Birthday!!!

kanga5 said...

What a fun birthday! My #3 will be 3 in October! Crazy- He's still my baby- at least for a few more weeks. :) What a happy family you are. :)

Rochelleht said...

Yes, I have #4 who is 4 that screams about her injustices all day as well. UGH! I hope I make it through this...

summershine said...

Happy Birthday!

When my second son turned 3 I planned out this great picnic at the park. Made him a super cool Cars cake, had a pinata set up and everything.
All that work, and it was one of the most miserable days of his life.
He spent nearly all of the party bawling about nothing. He wouldn't play with any of his friends, He was super sensitive to anything anyone said to him. If you even looked at him the wrong way he broke down.
I don't know what in the heck happened, he didn't have those kinds of days very often, but he had to have one on his birthday. Yikes!

Cheryl said...

Thank you! I'm glad I'm not alone with the screaming child.

summershine, you have described all the days my #3 has when he doesn't get enough sleep. The child can't function without sleep! My girls do okay when they're tired, but he just can't do it.

However, as a PS to this post, I forgot to mention that he did have a shot earlier that morning. That might have done it...Shame on me for having his 3 year appointment on his third birthday!