Monday, July 16, 2007


Conversation with #3 (who turns 3 years old next month) at the park this morning:
Me: So, what do you want for your birthday?
#3: Cake
Me: Cake, huh? Well, do you want anything else?
#3: Kannels.
Me: Candles. Okay, for the cake?
#3: Blow out!
Me: Cool, okay, but what do you want? Do you want any presents?
#3: Open them!
Me: Yes, we open presents, but what do you want the present to be?
#3: Toys!
Me: Okay, but what kind of toys?
#3: Airplanes!
Me: Anything else?
#3: Trains
Me: Trains?
#3: And cars!
Me: So, you want airplanes, trains and cars.
#3: Yes.
Me: What would you like to eat for your birthday dinner?
#3: Cake!
Me: What else?
#3: Ice cream!
Me: Yes, we can have cake and ice cream, but what do you want for dinner?
#3: Pies!
Me: Pies?
#3: Yes!
Me: Okay, well, what about macaroni and cheese?
#3: Yes! And pies!
Me: And pies.
#3: Go and play now. Bye!
Me: Pies? ~sigh~


Jamie J said...

I love little two year old conversations!

Cristy said...

These are the best! I feel like I should bring a tape recorder everywhere with me these days! If I just stop getting frustrated with Will's non-stop dialogue and actually listen to what he is saying, I always start laughing.