Friday, July 20, 2007

My First Earthquake!

Rochelle asked me (see previous post) if I was okay after the Earthquake. I had to stop for a second and think "What earthquake?" Then I remembered.

Here's my reply to her [which you could just read in the previous post, but it's interesting enough to post about. Well, to me it's sure darn interestin'... :) ] :

Early this morning, while I was asleep, I thought I heard some rain
starting to fall on our patio roof outside and I thought "dang! We're going
running this morning!" then Brandon wakes me up and says "Honey, did you feel
that? I think it was an earthquake." I'm like "What? I'm trying to sleep!" and
he says "Didn't you hear the closet doors rattling?" and I say "Oh, I thought it
was rain." Turns out it was a 4. something earthquake in Oakland I guess. The
kids didn't even wake up. :)


Amanda said...

I have never been in an eartquake! Glad that it wasn't scary. My DH was in Portland a couple of weeks ago and just told me last night that he was in an earthquake while he was there. It was a 3. something. Glad you're safe!

Jamie J said...

Glad you're safe. We haven't had an earthquake that can be felt in a long time. I keep waiting!! As long as they're not too big, I think they're fun!