Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So many details, and so little time!

Okay, so lots has happened and there's pictures to go with it all. So I'm going to have to start small...I'll give a run-down of my week and then tomorrow (or the next day...or the next day...) I'll give a report on the 10 year reunion:
  • The drive to Blackfoot was soooooooooo long! I'm used to long trips, though, since I spent lots of time driving to Canada as a kid. My kiddies are FANTASTIC travelers (making a few treks themselves) and so it wasn't that bad. My SIL and my nephew drove with me so I wasn't alone for the 13 1/2 hour drive. It was great to finally get to my parent's house and see them and my sister and her son.
  • On Tuesday, we headed for Rexburg to see my baby brother. We got to see his apartment (surprisingly, it was the first non-smelling and clean boys' apartment I had ever been in; of course, I didn't see the bathroom, though, so...), the Temple (magnificent! btw, it's still being built, but it's close to being done, so the outside structure was basically complete), and the Park. I had tried to find a way to get a hold of a friend that lives in Rexburg...but couldn't get a hold of her. Lo and behold, she was at the Park we went to!! It was great catching up with her.
  • Wednesday was spent at Jensen's Grove Park; walking on the "new" (to me) loop twice, playing at the playground, throwing rocks into the lake, chasing birds, and....running into another friend!! So excited to see her since she was unable to attend the reunion. In the afternoon, the kiddies played in a sweet blow-up kiddie pool (that took FOREVER to fill with air) in my parent's front yard. Later that night I went to dinner with a friend (Rupe's! Oh, yeah, baby Rupe's is the best! I had a Pink Floyd, fries, and the All-American. My thighs hate me. My tummy says "thank you!!").
  • Thursday was ZOO day! We took all the kids to the Tautphus Park Zoo (in IF) and had a picnic. It was just the right size for our kids (since the oldest is 6 and the youngest is 4 months) and we had a great time. In the afternoon, the kiddie pool was once again King. My SIL convinced my sister and I to don our suits and jump in with the kids. We had so much fun! Ward members later commented in Church about how great it was to see us in the pool with our kids, even if we did look ridiculous. :)

I'll report on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday later. Right now I've got to get to Costco and go pick up some friends at the airport. And yes, I'll have to write about that, too. :) Oh, and post pictures. ~sigh~ So much to do! Isn't it great?!?!


Jamie J said...

Sounds like your trip was fun! Glad you're back!

Rochelleht said...

LOVE Rupes'!!!

Amanda said...

Glad to hear that you had such a good time! Sometimes swimming with the kids in the kiddie pool is the best break! Glad you are back!

Sara Joyner said...

I can't wait to hear more about your reunion. We didn't get a very good turnout at ours last year. I saw Nikki and Christy Moysh over the weekend and caught up on a little Blackfoot "gossip." That was fun. (I put a few pics on my blog).

Denae said...

If you're only pool is a baby pool, it is better than no pool! I am glad you had a fun trip!