Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ode to my Father

My mom always says how lucky she is that she married my father. He was her best friend for years before they even thought of having a romantic relationship. My dad tells us that when he came home from his mission, he was inspired to propose to my mom. Since they had never really "dated", it was kind of a shock to them both. Within 6 months, though, they were married.

My dad truly is an amazing dad. Unlike a large percentage of the male species, my father rarely has to be asked to do something. He was always one to keep things organized and clean; on his days off, we would come home from school to clean laundry, an organized garage, clean bathrooms, and something yummy baking in the oven. Since both my parents worked, my father stepped up and helped my mom every step of the way. And he still does. This gave me high expectations of my eternal companion, and even though it's taken a few years, DH's batting average is really high. :)

My Father is a quiet man. People assume his is shy, but I think he's just good at observation. When he does speak, we listen; he has a fabulous sense of humor and quick wit. He is wise, and sweet, and...a great dancer! One of my favorite memories is dancing the waltz with him at my wedding.
My Dad was always there for me. I remember seeing his face at every single event I had (choir concerts, marching band performances, plays, recitals, etc.). He taught me about money, responsibility, the importance of church service, kindness, and respect. I remember being super sassy to my mom once years and years ago. My father, completely out of character, slapped my face and said: "Don't you EVER talk to your mother like that again!" I'm sure I hated it at the moment, but I never forgot it, and I am grateful that he loved (and loves) my mother so very much. He always showed us that their marriage came first! Some other things I remember: Spending time with him at his office when I was around 5 years old, my first date being with my him, his frustration in teaching me to drive stick shift, him falling asleep during the 10PM news, calling him to talk during my freshman year at BYU for advice, his counsel and kind words to me after a boyfriend and I had broken up (and I was devastated!), him bearing his testimony to our family one FHE while I was in high school, holding my babies and loving them at first sight, and his willingness to still help me whenever I need it.

My father has worked hard his whole life. He isn't afraid of hard work; he knows the importance of working before playing. He's been with the US Postal Service since 1985 (is that right? Correct me if I'm wrong, Dad) and was always known as the "nice mailman" in the community. He's always fulfilled his church callings, no matter what they were. He's always supported my mother in all of her callings and her job (as a teacher) as well.

I love you, Dad! I know you will always be there for me. Thank you for being so patient with my crazy personality and my random phone calls. You're the best and I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father let you me my Earthly Father. I'll love you forever.

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