Thursday, June 14, 2007

Depression is lifting...and other news...

Vitamin supplements are AWESOME. Since starting Omega-3's/6's, Calcium/magnesium, and B-6 Complex vitamins, my memory has improved, my energy has increased, my appetite has lessened, and my overall mood is more positive. I'm starting to think it was vitamin-deficiency related...

Exercising is now more prominent: I've entered a "Survivor" type competition, where each team must run a certain number of miles. Or walk. Or swim. So, in order to make sure I never let my team down, I've been walking like crazy lately. It's fantastic motivation and it's prompted me to start a kind of walking group. More details on that later...

My funkiness and my foggy days are gone. I no longer have "Days" --I have "minutes". It's a tremendous feeling to find myself again. The other day, while I was laughing with my children, I felt an exhilarating feeling and I thought, "This is me. This is ME! I'm back!"

In other cool news:

#1 is officially finished with Kindergarten! Today was her last day, and she won the award "Awesome Artist", because, for those who don't know her, she's a great little artist (I guess that would be obvious by her award...anyway....)

#4 rolled over! He babbles like mad and is moving all over the place.

Tomorrow night is a hot date with DH. Yesterday, I arranged a babysitter and called DH: "I got a sitter for Friday; we're going out!"

DH: "Awesome! Are you planning it or me?"

Me: "Pshaw! You are!"

DH: "YES!!"

I have no idea what we are doing, but as long as it involves dinner, I'm game.


kanga5 said...

It's fabulous to hear that you are feeling better, and a date is icing on the cake. I hope he plans a good one. :) Here's to feeling better! P.S. Your pictures are so cute #4 is SO darling!

Jamie J said...

Yay that's great news that you are feeling better! How did you decide to take the vitamins you do?? Have fun on your date tomorrow!!

Cristy Welsh said...

Yay for Cheryl! Glad you're starting to feel more yourself!

brenbot said...


i have been slacking on my vitamins this week & this was a good reminder for me to snap out of it and to go buy some omegas.

Cheryl said...

my SIL, brenbot, gave me a lot of advice on vitamin supplements and I also talked with my kids' pediatrician. She's pretty granola, and so she was able to give me good recommendations.

Sara Joyner said...

Are you taking a combination vitamin? Or just each of those supplements separately?
Hope you had fun on your date tonight. I love date nights.

Your oldest daughter looks SO much like you, it's crazy!


Cheryl said...

I take most of them separately. The Omega 3/6, the magnesium/calcium one (that's together), and the B-6 complex (one). Including my prenatal, I take 4 vitamins each morning.