Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ode to Utah: What I miss the most, Part II

I miss our yard. This is part of our backyard showing the pond DH had to fill in before we can rent out our house (liability purposes). The kids spent countless hours outside on the grass, exploring through weeds, rocks, etc. And I knew they were safe because of the high concrete wall. :) Temple Square! There's nothing like it. The Provo River! Although the Provo River is not the kind of river I'm used to (think "Snake River"), I still learned to love it. I've lived near it for the last 8 years or so; there are memories of tubing down it, wading in it, and just sitting by it (while living at Aspen Grove).
Snow! And yes, those are plastic bags wrapped around my girls' shoes with duct tape. No, I'm not kidding. Let's just say that we weren't very good at our snow gear (although we lived in Provo). Anyway....Snow! Every year the kids would make a snowman with their dad (this one was a few years back) and they really didn't get much higher than this... :)

The Provo Temple. And not just the Temple, but the view of Rock Canyon behind it. Some mornings, while I was still at BYU, I would look up at Rock Canyon and the cliffs would be bathed in sunlight --it looked just like a painting. Seriously, it was almost unreal. The Temple itself has a special place in my heart, too. This is the Temple we attended for our entire marriage. The Oakland Temple is amazing, too (I mean, seriously, what Temple isn't special or amazing? I mean, come on! They're all beautiful) but it's so different attending a temple that doesn't have sessions every 20 minutes and so many people going in and out that they have to add extra sessions here and there.
More to come!

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Amber said...

OH, how I would miss that backyard, too. How lovely! And I soooo miss the Provo River. Roller-blading along the Parkway was one of my favorite activities.

We're heading back next month and I can't wait!