Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Feel Good (nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah nah)...

  • #3 used marker to color the floor, the chair, the table, and his knees. I have to admit that his knees look lovely (just not as lovely as his pink toe nails and finger nails...)
  • Miraculously, #1 and #2 cleaned up said marker off the floor, chair and table before telling me (somehow, they forgot his knees).
  • #1 lost her front tooth (pictures to come) and I cut her hair (pictures to come).
  • #2 (or also known as crazy-attention-needing-diva) is still enjoying performing on cue for all our new friends.
  • #4 is three months old!
  • Our Washing Machine broke. I went to a friend's house (thank you, C!) and used her washer, then carted it back to my house to dry. Of course, it should be fixed sometime between 1 and 5 PM tomorrow. Like I have no life and will be sitting at home between 1 and 5PM tomorrow. Which, I probably will be...~sigh~
  • Every piece of clean laundry is sitting on my bedroom floor. I may have time to fold it today, but I'm not sure if this blogging gig will be done in time for me to fold today. It's just too hard to tell right now. We might have to reschedule, the laundry and I...
  • I have 2 more piano students! That brings the grand total up to....five. Okay, doesn't sound that good when I think of the total...But five is better than.....ummm....four!
  • Mother's Day is coming and I'm a loser when it comes to giving gifts on time. Man! If this blogging would just hurry up and finish, I'd have time to do more things! Jeesh!
  • After speaking with 2 or 38 people lately, I've discovered that I'm not as insane as I think I am; I will get past this PPD that I'm feeling; I'm okay to be a very un-busy mom that refuses to sign her children up for more than one thing; I am NOT alone. Yes. I'm feelin' good!


brenbot said...

38 people? wow! :)

Cheryl said...

Give or take a dozen... :)